I’m Feeling Mischievous – Here’s Why…


I was feeling a little scandalous while filming my latest adventure challenge.

Why? Well, I opened a closed, unlocked gate and entered a place I wasn’t sure I was allowed (on a horse racing track in England). And then I made a video of me in the action! So, though I saw zero signs saying not to walk where I walked, and the overall area was open to the public. And I spotted a few local dog walkers doing the same walk earlier, this funny feeling of outright “scandal” swept over me as I questioned the rules. Would I get in trouble? Would I get kicked out?

Well, that didn’t happen. Nothing happened. But it made me wonder about our perceptions and assumptions of rules and limitations. The way we can feel so timid and cautious about what is available to us. Where can we go? Where can we explore new terrain? What can we try?

Other gates are made to be opened and walked through. Case in point, while I’m reporting in from England, numerous walking trails that go straight through farms in the British countryside. That kind of walking is a popular thing to do here!

There’s that popular phrase: go for it, and if anyone has a problem with it, apologize later. But then there’s also this societal pressure to stay within bounds, be polite and cautious, and always ask for permission.

Here’s what it comes down to…

Sometimes it takes simply asking our own selves for permission to try something new or go somewhere new.

Yet in other situations and locations, it is way better to ask for permission and follow the cultural norms. It depends!

So really what I’m saying here is, for this week, to commit yourself to an adventure challenge, I’d like you to question what you do. Think about if there’s something available to you that you haven’t noticed because you’ve had these false ideas of limitations. This can be anything – maybe there’s types of food that are available to you that you’ve never tried, career ambitions you want to go after yet haven’t given yourself permission to dream…

  • maybe taking a new route home from work
  • sampling a new sport you’ve wanted to try, but stopped for thoughts like you’re not good enough or fit enough
  • or like me, sample simply exploring a new and exciting place to walk, like on a race track!
This is an exercise in trying the new, questioning the status quote, getting to know what new adventure might pop up – even if you feel a little mischievous about doing it.

Ice cream for breakfast? Oh my word! Could I? Answer: Yes, you could!

What’s stopping you? Who’s stopping you?

A stop at a grocery store where I don’t have my membership points card? The nerve!

An intro class to a karate class when I’m 40 and have never taken a sport in my life?

Asking my boss for a one-month sabbatical to take a dream trip? Or asking mySELF if you’re self-employed?

Isn’t that illegal??

Nope! It’s not. If it stretches you – perfect. That’s the sweet spot reason to do anything.

Onward, adventurers!

P.S. I mention weekly adventure challenges, which is part of The Adventure Club. Join the club for free for weekly challenges that stretch your comfort zone and help you view the world a little differently »


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