Find More Time to Travel

Do you wish you traveled more? And do you wish you had the time to enjoy yourself more when you do travel? Time to see more? Do more? Relax more?

You’re not alone. On a recent survey I conducted with 52 respondents, 51 wished they traveled more, and 100% of those said that time was one of the top reasons why they don’t. And in addition to these on the survey, I spoken with dozens and dozens of others who tell me about the same barrier.

I have news for you. No matter what your lifestyle is like, you can find the time. It’s true. Because time is one of those things that we are always given an ample amount of.  Time is in constant supply. You can never go into time debt. You can never have a day that’s any less than 24 hours. You will always, consistently, have this time.

Trouble is, with the ways of the world, the daily grind of work that needs doing, the daily grime of your house that needs cleaning, and the daily commitments we often make, it seems like there’s never enough time.

But here’s how you can reshape your time.

1. Track It

Write down where your time really goes. This is your Time Spending List. Start with the obvious ones, like if you’re at work from 9-6, you know that’s a given. Then write down other scheduled activities you have. Finally, fill in the spaces that aren’t as obvious. For three days straight write down what you do and how long it takes. This is everything from getting ready for work in the morning, How long does dinner take? How long do you spend watching TV? Reading the news? Facebook stalking? Online shopping?

2. Review It

List everything from your time tracking and look at if you have any time spare. Do you have any time you find wasteful that you’d like to fill with something more fulfilling? Do you have anything you do regularly that you want to stop? Are you staying late at work every night only because the first two hours of each morning are spent playing Candy Crush instead of actually working?

3. Brainstorm

Think about what you’d rather do. What are activities you’d love to do if you had more time? Want to go for a day trip every Saturday? Join a skee ball league? Paint more? Workout more? List these as your Wish List.

4. Time Shift

Compare your Time Spending List with your Wish List. Is there any space you can free up in your Time Spending List to add something from your Wish List?

5. Make the Change and Schedule Dates

Now that you know how to make space for things you’d rather be doing, actually make these changes. Make a commitment with yourself to do more things you enjoy doing regularly. These can be  daily activities, or it can be a matter of getting more done on the weekdays so that your weekends are available for traveling. If you’re dreaming of a long-term trip, whether it’s a week, two weeks, a month, set a date.

That’s your goal to maximize your daily time so that you have a space cleared in the future for the trip. When you set a specific date, it helps you make the commitment and work towards your trip goal. Better yet, make a reservation right now. Book a flight, and stake your claim that you are owning that space of time for the trip you’ve been wanting to take. Don’t let anything get in the way.




  1. Regina October 3, 2013 Reply

    Megan – great tips! Time is a big barrier to travel. One thing that has helped me is to stop looking for “big chunks” of time to travel. Instead, I try to plan day trips or overnight trips to get my travel fix.

    • Author
      Megan October 8, 2013 Reply

      Thanks, Regina! You’re right, time chunking is a great way to fit in more travel. A day or two away is easily done and is a perfect “fix” when it’s hard to shift your time for bigger trips. This is the type of trip I’ve been taking lately.

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