The 50 Bold Things Challenge

What are 50 bold things you’ve done in your lifetime? 

Think about it – I know if you’re like me, you might acknowledge you’re adventurous in one way or the other. But chances are you’re not giving yourself enough credit for ALL the ways in which you’re bold.

Being adventurous comes in many forms. Taking any challenge, fear, or limitation you have, and busting past it. Taking any uncertainty of change, and striding ahead into the unknown.

From a young age, we have many ways in which we can bravely plow through our barriers. Some are challenges we face when we’re young. Perhaps you faced that monster under your bed when you were deftly afraid of the dark.

Other challenges come about as we get older. Like trusting ourselves to fall fully in love even after we got burned. Or taking a chance on a business even after weathering some major fails. Life has a way of making things that used to be easy feel hard.

So let’s bust change the paradigm! It starts with acknowledging how brave we really are…

Here’s Your Challenge: Sit down and write our 50 ways in which you are adventurous.

Think of all the brave, bold things you’ve managed to do. Fifty sound like too much? Did for me, too! But I know you can come up with them.

Even better? Share your list! On the comments here on the blog, or over on The Adventure Club.

Here’s mine! 

1.           I’ve lived in London, Los Angeles, Honolulu, and Washington DC, just to name some of the most interesting metropolises.  If you count shorter stints of immersive living (1 – 2 months), I’ve also lived in Sydney, New York City, Puebla (Mexico), the Hamptons…all in adulthood. For half of these moves, I didn’t know anyone on the other side.

2.           I’ve danced till 5 a.m. many times. Most often when living in Mexico, dancing salsa as much as I could.

3.           On an Australian Outback tour, I was selected as the volunteer to stand still while a cowboy snapped a whip within inches of my head. It was a success!

4.           I co-created a volunteer trip to teach kids in Zimbabwe how to finger paint. The experience was simply magical.

5.           Though always into performing and choir, singing solo was also something that really tested my comfort zone. Last year, I auditioned for a musical in spite of that, got cast and put on a 6-run show!

6.           I moved to London to take a chance on love. It worked, I married the guy.

7.           While in London one of my jobs was as a massage therapist certified in the Indian Head Massage technique. The concept was a 5-minute shoulder massage, and I only got paid by asking strangers in pubs if they’d hire me on the spot.

8.           I once asked a statue out on a date. No, not a real statue – a guy who plays a statue for a living. He was too committed to his work to be receptive…but I tried by naming a meeting spot.

9.           I’ve been in developing countries where my party was pulled over and bribed to be permitted to move along.

10.       I’ve held a baby crocodile.

11.       I’ve walked with and kneeled by semi-wild lion cubs. Cubs, yes, but their paws were the size of my head and a playful swat at me would’ve caused some stitches!

12.       I’ve played underwater hockey. Yes, it’s a thing.

13.       I did a homestay language immersion course in Mexico. I did this on my own rather than with an organized group, and learned early on that I retained very little from the one Spanish class I’d taken. The 2-hour bus journey to get to my host family and program was quite an interesting journey.

14.       I willingly left my job to jump full force into my own business.

15.       At 17 I spent a summer living solo in the middle of Manhattan to attend an acting workshop I found on the Internet (way back before anyone seemed to trust the Internet for finding events like this).

16.       At 18 I took my first solo trip overseas, to various parts of England. I had a travel companion for parts of it, but the solo travel part was a challenge for me as I felt lonely. But that got me into being okay with dining solo, chatting with anyone around if I needed some connection, and adjusting to ridding the loneliness by learning to be present and enjoy myself as a travel companion.

17.       At 19 I took a summer job in the Hamptons of New York as a live-in nanny. I spent my time off riding a moped and taking the train into NYC.

18.       Halfway through my sophomore year at college in Texas, my program wasn’t working for me so I left my traditional college track to head out for an experiential education in Hollywood.

19.       In Hollywood, in addition to classes and interning, I was an extra in multiple movies and TV shows.

20.       One of my background acting jobs was a Korn music video. To film, I had to run in heels and a formal gown while being doused by a firehose full of fake vomit (apple sauce, corn, flour stuff).

21.       I’ve eaten a worm. More of a giant African grubby, really. Charred, not raw. But this was a big step, especially because I was mortified of worms as a kid. I’ve also eaten cow tongue, grasshoppers…

22.       Once I threw a watermelon off the ledge of an 8-story building. For the artistic nature of it, really.

23.       Within a week, I went from fearing getting too close to hippos (they say they’re the most ferocious human killers of all mammals), to hand feeding and kissing a hippo.

24.       I moved to Hawaii without knowing anyone. I went there to finish college…because…it’s Hawaii! Another motivation for moving there was I wanted to explore being outnumbered ethnically at my college. (Then, Caucasian made up about 20% of the overall population at UH, and in my program, closer to 5 or 10%)

25.       When living in L.A., I took a spontaneous road trip to San Diego at midnight to put a letter in the mail (for a San Diego postage stamp), just so my friend wouldn’t guess my anonymous note came from me.

26.       I’ve come a long way in the karaoke world. My first attempt was as shaky and as hard to watch as the character Cameron Diaz plays in “My Best Friend’s Wedding.” People walked out! Now I love karaoke and put on a better show.

27.       I once chased down a bus, banging on the door in desperation to get my wallet and passport which was locked inside.

28.     I grew up super scared of giving speeches – like super, shaky hands, shaky voice, might pass out. And last year landed my first big well-paid speaking gig. Woohoo!

29.       I’ve stared into the eyes of a complete stranger and shared my most vulnerable fears.

30.       I’ve dined alone for the challenge of it. No tech gadgets allowed. Chatting with others, optional.

31.       I learned how to weld. On special invitation from a welder in California by simply vocalizing my goal.

32.       I learned the art of beekeeping and got all suited up with bee gear to check up on a bunch of hives.

33.       I worked as a WWOOFer. It’s basically a traveling farmer where you get food and shelter in exchange for half a day of organic farm work.

34.       I’ve sky dived.

35.       I’ve bungee jumped.

36.       I’m scuba dive certified. On my first scuba dive I saw a shark. Made me gasp, panic, snort water, but in the end a very cool experience.

37.       I’ve produced various videos for hire. My first gig was a video commissioned by Smithsonian and was on display there for a few months.

38.       My sister and I are co-authors of a book on copywriting for the cause marketing industry.

39.       On my first zip lining trip, in Costa Rica, I completed the course by diving head first with nothing but the repelling cables attached to my ankles.

40.       I collected a random object I believed to be an owl pellet for the curiosity of dissecting it. My observation was correct and my husband and I found enough remains to decipher a vole was the owl’s last meal.

41.       I hitch hiked with a friend in Hawaii. Turns out our driver was the surfing instructor for some of the cast of Lost.

42.       When my brother passed away and I endured the most grief and heartbreak that I’ve ever felt, I still got up in the morning. To allow myself to grieve, to cry, to simply be, and also to allow myself to find reasons to smile. That getting out of bed part was challenge enough.

43.       Though I find it challenging to open up about sad events like listed above, I do it more frequently now. I know it’s important to share experiences and support others who may be going through similar things.

44.       I hiked to the active lava flow in Hawaii, standing within two feet of glowing magma. It melted some of the tread on my shoes. And when hiking back, the broken-glass-like fresh lava rock cut holes in my jeans.

45.       I walked the beach in pitch dark to witness a giant turtle laying eggs in Portugal.

46.       I made big investments in my business, taking the financial leap to trust in a purpose-driven business, and continue to grow and get support.

47.       I’ve hosted strangers to sleep on my couch. I’ve slept on theirs. (couchsurfing rocks)

48.       My husband and I had to reverse run (via car) to escape an elephant who was showing signs that he was willing to charge at us and flip our vehicle.

49.       I’ve had to run from the cops to escape tear gas. (No wild rebellious reasons why – just a perfectly legal block party and I still don’t know why it turned awry.)

50.       Simply asking to play. I was so freakishly shy as a kid, that simply asking some other kids on the playground to play when I was 7, after many recesses playing on my own, was a big deal. I still remember it vividly.

51.       I peacefully protested to stand up for women, immigrants, minorities and the acceptance of all spiritual beliefs at the #womensmarch in DC. What an amazing, encouraging, uplifting event. Glad I made it happen, even though it was hard to make it out. Scheduled just a few hours after my 10-hour trip home from Europe, on very limited sleep, with drained emotions after three special people in my life had passed away within two weeks, and a slight hesitation worrying that the big crowds could get out of hand. Nonetheless, I showed up. And there’s always more events to show up for.


Now that you’ve looked at mine, are you ready to list yours? Name your 50 bold things (or 51…or 60), and revel in just how much you’ve achieved!

hippo kiss

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