A Case of the Mondays? Fix it by Rockin’ Your Weekends

Have you ever wondered about why Mondays get such a bad rep? They’re that ruthless day that lurks after a two-day break. That stick-in-the-mud day where you have to get back into the office and painfully attempt to launch back into productive work mode.

But maybe it’s just because you don’t spend your weekends wisely?

You may be thinking now, “What?! You’re going to tell me I don’t know how to enjoy my weekend?? Not cool, Megan.”

But hear me out. If you find Mondays extremely rough, week after week, then let’s take a look at your weekend patterns.

Do you fall into any or all of these categories?

My average weekends include:

  • I go out late drinking Friday and Saturday, sleep in to recover, and do a whole lot of nothing but watch TV and dread all the things I have to do Monday.
  • I do laundry, clean, cook, and catch up on work emails I didn’t get to during the workweek. Before I know it, the weekend is over.
  • I run around from one activity to another, day and night. Or tote my kids around to their one activity or another. I wouldn’t say any of it’s restful.

If this sounds like you, or if a mix of these sound like you, then you may be setting yourself up for a rough Monday.

Some weekends I fall culprit to this, too. But I’ll tell you I feel GREAT this Monday. Know why? I spent quality time outdoors, I tried a new activity, I got good exercise, practiced creativity, spent time with a group of fun people, and also had time to relax to a low-key evening.

Sounds like a lot of stuff when I put it all together! But I ended up biking, hiking, finger painting (while hiking!), baking my first-ever batch of homemade crackers, playing cornhole with new friends (bean bag toss if you’re unfamiliar with the game name), and vegging on the sofa to watch a good film with hunky actors (the hunky part is my husband’s trick to get me watching sci-fi).

A full weekend, but I feel relaxed, refreshed, and excited for what the workweek brings.

Hiking and Finger Painting

Head outdoors, be active, and get creative by finger painting while you hike. (A highlight from Your Adventurous Life’s most recent day tripper outing.)

Research shows you need regular moments of relaxation to stay mentally and physically refreshed and recharged. Problem is, weekends aren’t always so relaxing. Or you may not do much, but if you’re just laying around watching TV and nursing a hangover, that’s not so helpful either.

What can you do about it?

I’m not suggesting you completely change around your weekends. I like a good night out on the town and active, back-to-back activity days as well. And a cleaning day sure can be rewarding to prep for the workweek.

What you can do is take little steps here and there to help energize your mind and body.

  1. Get active. Make sure with all your zipping around or lazing time, that you squeeze in some physical activity. It’s an extra bonus if you get out and take in some fresh air.
  2. Fresh air. Yes, worth repeating. Unless it’s terrible weather throughout the weekend, some outdoor time will do you well. Especially if you can get somewhere in nature. Head to a park, go on a picnic, take a hike. Connecting with nature has proven to be extremely helpful to your wellbeing. Plus you can soak up some vitamin D since it’s likely you’re indoors for most of the workweek.
  3. Fit in fun time. If you’re the productive weekend worker, make sure you take time to have fun and laugh. This releases a whole lot of happy hormones that help your health and simply make you feel better.
  4. Be social. Even if just a little. It’s okay to replenish on your own, but connecting with others is good for you, too.
  5. Try a new activity. Since you know my angle is travel, naturally a day trip or weekend trip is high on my list of ways to achieve this. Other ways are simply going out and doing something like visiting a museum, baking something (like in the pic below), taking a yoga class, or simply testing out a new restaurant in town.
    Home-made Crackers

    I like baking atypical things to what many people bake. Here’s my latest creation: Sesame Oatmeal Crackers

  6. Pamper yourself. When was the last time you went to a day spa? Whiled aware hours reading a juicy book while overlooking a scenic valley? Took a bath? And how about adding candles and herbal bath salts? Do that, or book a massage, or just do something that’ll help you relax. This restful time is huge for helping you use the weekend as it’s supposed to be used: a time of rest and rejuvenation.
  7. Take a weekend trip. If you know anything about me, you know I’m a huge fan of trips like these! Whether it’s a day trip on the road, or a weekend getaway to somewhere warmer, get out and explore! This guarantees you’ll get a different pace of weekend. Tip: just don’t squeeze in too many activities. You only have a weekend so go easy on yourself. If you do too much, you won’t feel rested enough for the new week.

How do you make use of your weekends? Do you have other ways you like to make the most of the time? Share in the comments.


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