Your Adventurous Life’s mission is to instigate more adventure, more fun and more of what you love most in life. Through workshops, speaking, retreats and jolly jaunts, YAL helps you zap a little more meaning into the day by stepping out of your comfort zone, and into a rewarding, energizing life that feeds your soul.   

Ultimately, we aim to shift your goals and dreams from the “someday” category and put it into action. Want to travel more? Go. Want to try a new hobby? Start. Want to find more meaning in your life? Set off on your journey. 

But first, you need to get clarity in order to get on the best course.

Life shouldn’t be about the oh…I’ll do it when I retire….or oh, I’ll do it for my honeymoon whenever I find my main dream guy/girl, or oh, I’ll do it for my 65th birthday when I’m rich and own my own yacht.

Why wait? For anything that your heart wishes. You’ve got the energy now, you’ve got the desire now, and no matter how many excuses you build on making any type of adventure or goal happen, you have the power to break down any barrier.

The results are guaranteed to have an impact on you. As an advocate for travel as one of the most common dreams people carry, here’s what I think:

When you set out on an adventure — especially when you travel in-depth and outside your comfort zone, the value you get is incomparable to any other. In this form of wonderful exploration, anything can happen because no matter how much you plan, if you’re willing to get out there, meet new people, see new things, it’s kind of impossible not to have some sort of meaningful moment in your life where you say, wow, that’s incredible. (Like in Crocodile Dundee where it’s about going on walkabout…seen it?)

Your Adventurous Life offers a whole handful of fun jaunts, retreats and workshops (based in the DC area, but I’ll travel to other locations as well). For info on workshops and events, go here. For more info contact info(at)youradventurouslife.com.

A Word from Megan, Chief Adventurer

Your Adventurous Life is all about seizing the day, seizing the week, and overall seizing the opportunity to get out and say yes to more adventures. The urge for adventure is in all of us. What I, along with my team, seek to do is merely unleash your vagabonding side, help you visualize what you want to do, where you want to go, what you want to experience, and offer the tools to make it happen.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started in getting you clear and on course to your most adventurous life!

Tally ho!



Megan with her clients on a day trip to compete in vegetable racing. Lettin’ loose, having a blast and tapping into fun and play as medicine! (Gaithersburg, Maryland)