headshot_mkMegan Tyson King loves a good adventure, and she’s not picky about what that entails. Whether it’s zip lining in Costa Rica, sheering sheep in the Aussie Outback, or drumming with the locals in Zimbabwe, she’s game.

She strives to encourage others to take life by the reigns and hop on for the glorious ride. Whether one’s life goal includes travel and action, or simply stepping out of his comfort zone by getting up on that karaoke stage, the most important thing is the act of embracing one’s inherent need to accept & embrace change to lead into a bigger, bolder, more blissful life.


Megan has zipped around the globe, both in groups and solo. So far she has checked off 32 countries & territories, hundreds of bucket list tasks (hiking among flowing lava, mastering a karaoke crowd pleaser, grape stomping, etc), and is always pursuing a new interest or goal. Amidst all this action, she also values an emphasis on inner work, taking time for stillness and meditation to listen for one’s intuition and create balance in our buzzing world.

She embarked on the entrepreneurial track in 2009. First as a marketing strategist, copywriter/editor and author of Copywriting for a Cause and Dine Out DC: A Guide to Washington Restaurants. Then she began exploring ways to provide the best services for her background and passions of travel and international culture. She became a coach, equipped to help and support those who wished to get past their barriers so they would travel more to the places they dreamed of. As her business evolved, her mission expanded as she realized it wasn’t about the travel, but all the barriers and challenges we face everyday, limiting the life doing the things we love. From that, and digging deep in her own life, sprung her ultimate focus, to help professionals get past the fears and indecision keeping them from any version of a joyful, adventurous life.

She’s pulled from years of ongoing coach & business training and extensive experience in testing limits and pushing past her own limits, to bring her clients, workshop attendees, readers and team all the tools and support possible to get clear and on course to the adventurous, expansive life of their dreams.

She holds an M.A. in Public Communication from American University and a B.S. in Travel Industry Management from the University of Hawaii. She’s also a graduate of Travel Channel’s travel videography & travel writing courses, and certified success coach with the Academy for Joyful Leadership. She’s often studying something new to keep her love of learning aflame.