My Philosophy

I truly believe that we are all on this Earth for a bigger purpose, and if we all lived by trying our darnedest to achieve our greatest potential, this world be one amazing, beautiful, lovey dovey, exciting place. I believe we all have different versions of ourselves  – the greatest is our internal compass that comes in the form of our inner adventurer. Life gets tough, we all have our challenges, but if we’re actively working to embody our brave inner adventurers, we can continue on our journeys to do and be and see incredible things.

I’m also all about joy, and using a joyful approach to tackling our biggest challenges. I talk about travel a lot, because when done responsibly, it opens us up to a broader, bolder, loving version of ourselves. Travel bridges borders by getting to know and understand other cultures, expands minds through new and different experiences, inspires inner creativity through seeing landscapes brimming with beauty, and unleashes the carefree jubilance of life — a spark we all share, but that sometimes gets dulled over time.


I believe that by simply trying new things, learning about different cultures, and seeing new places, people become more aware and open their minds to the world at large. They see first hand the importance of conserving our environment, preserving unique global cultures, and awareness and open-mindedness perpetuates our unity as global citizens who care.

In our landscape of corrupt, greedy leaders, imagine how that would all turn around if world leaders were required to sit down and play Yahtzee with families in refugee camps? That’s a world I wish to see.

My Cause

At Your Adventurous Life, we are strong believers in giving back. We’re grateful to have a the opportunity to run a business and in turn, we donate 5% of our profits to microloans in developing countries, so that individuals may start their own business to support their families and help their communities thrive. We also support cultural and environmental conservation initiatives.