The Adventure Club Captains!

You know it’s important to practice daily adventures….

That’s how you feel most alive, most vibrant, and most gutsy to go after the goals you know you’re here on this planet to achieve.

And you know that you simply feel a sense of joy and direction when you’re staying true to your adventurous spirit and putting small, achievable actions into practice.

So as a way to bring you the extra support many fellow adventurers requested in the Adventure Club, I’ve taken things to the next level…

Introducing the new VIP level club: The Adventure Captains!

Here, you’ll got the same weekly challenges and support as The Adventure Club, but you’ll also get:

• Extra accountability

• Perks and rewards (like badges for your wins!)

• Bonus level challenges

• Extra resources & motivations

• Special deals on live adventure outings

Plus lots of fun, lots of cheerleading, and lots of woman-powered support and love! 

If you’re ready to take the next level in your adventure mission, then join me in this exclusive group.

Let’s make this your best year yet by making a bolder commitment as you thrive in your most adventurous life!

To make the decision easy for you, membership is only $10/month. Just a little something to get your “skin in the game” to keep you extra motivated and plowing full speed ahead.