Adventure Workshop

Step Out of the Rat Race & Into Your Blissful Adventure

Our mission is to help you tap into your adventurous spirit. Get out of that rut you’re in. Whether you’re…

feeling anxious… overworked… under-energized… frustrated…

It’s so easy to get caught in the go-go-go of our busy lives — or even the slow-slow-slow of our unmotivated ruts — that we forget to press pause and make space for the things that spark our passions and allow us to face life at full adventure throttle.

During our time together at this hands-on event, we will focus on a series of interactive training activities that center on these core goals:

→ get clear on what you truly want in your life — the things that get you most excited and energized

→ learn how to build your “adventure suit of armor” (simple, easy activities that anyone can do!)

→ challenge yourself to stretch your comfort zone in a fun, safe environment of likeminded souls

→ come away with a new, rejuvenated action steps to living your awesome life

Make a commitment to yourself to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday, or the humdrum of your under-enthusiastic schedule, and join us for this powerful adventure workshop!

Adventure Workshop

About Megan

Megan King, adventure instigator, writer & coach, transformed from shy kid with a horrible sense of direction into a say-yes jovial global traveler who loves meeting strangers, actually seeks out “getting lost” in new places to discover local treasures, and has delved into hundreds of unique experiences to test her own comfort zone. From sky diving to solving misadventures like breaking down in the middle of the Australian Outback, she has found many ways to test her adventurous side!

Through insight gained from traveling this beautiful world (30 countries and counting), she began to study the meaning of joy, contentment, connection, and other positive attributes of travel observed along the way. And she learned that through all her seeking, the most important element of adventure is what you can do in your own hometown. She bottled these revelations into a teachable method for connecting with one’s adventurous spirit and allowing more vibrance in – without the need to search in far off lands. You can use her tools to be an adventurer any place, anytime, and step into the thrill and energy of living a life you love.

Reconnect with your passions, your idea of fun, and your adventurous spirit! Then pave the path to lead the more adventurous life you’ve envisioned.

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