An Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

The top two reasons why people don’t travel is time and money. But neither of these need to be the issue. Especially because no matter where you live, there are ways for you to travel within your own town. Travel does not have to be about going far, far away to somewhere foreign. It’s wonderful to do that and I highly recommend it. But it can also be about seeing your hometown from a traveler’s perspective, and immersing in cultures other than your own.

I’m not on the road all the time. When I’m  homebound, I find ways to see and do new and interesting things. This can be meeting new people, seeing new parks and recreation areas, trying a new activity…you get the gist.

My city of Silver Spring is really cool because it’s diverse and easy to find new and interesting things. While at a street fair a while back, I met Tebabu Assefa, owner of Blessed Coffee. Tebabu is an incredible guy with a passion for improving the model of coffee growers. Originally from Ethiopia, he sells delicious coffee under a sustainable model to benefit small coffee farmers in his home country.

Even cooler, he’s an incredible storyteller and uses his coffee company to share the story of coffee growers so that small farmers whose livelihoods depend on coffee farming will benefit. His coffee business model not only gives fair wages, but also a chance to take part in a profit-sharing, sustainable business model.

Tebabu also uses his storytelling talents to share the values of community, and how drinking coffee in the style of an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony builds strong, happy communities. He invited me to his home to show me the coffee ceremony, and I’d like to share that experience with you in this video I created:



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