Announcing the VIP Veggie Race Day Tour – August 10!

I’ve cooked up a new day trip that’ll be a hootin’ hollerin’ good time! If the sound of racing vegetables intrigues you, if you think you’ve had overdose of big city life, if you’ve always wanted to try milking a cow, then join our Veggie Race Day Tour! It’s not your ordinary county fair adventure, but VIP style.

Eventbrite - VIP Veggie Races at the County Fair

Here’s the dish on what we’re doing

When was the last time you went to a county fair? And when was the last time you did it and felt like a free spirited king or queen of the land? On this day tour, you’ll be driven in a cozy minibus to the Montgomery County Fair where you can eat all the comfort foods you crave, try your hand at milking a cow, and the big event of the day: you’ll participate in the grand Veggie 500 Races!

Vegetables racing on a mini cart

Photo Courtesy of Butler’s Orchard

Never heard of a veggie race? No surprise. It’s where you and your team decorate a 4-wheeled cart, top it off with the sleekest vegetable you can find, and launch into a speed race against the competition.

Tour includes:

  • Round-trip transport from convenient Metro location
  • Entrance to Fairgrounds
  • Gift bag
  • The chance to become a world-famous zucchini racing champion
  • Side stop at a yummy restaurant/bar on the way home
  • Your chance to milk a cow (big bragging rights for this one!)
  • A VIP experience that’ll make you laugh and frolick for days

Strap on your boots, put on your fun pants and join the event!


How is this a VIP day?

The adventure starts from the moment you hop on the minibus. We only use minibuses, not giant coaches, so that you don’t feel like you’re being shuffled around on a big lug full of tourist types who wear socks with their sandals. Rather, we offer a smooth ride with good tunes, beverages, and an environment for mingling with fellow adventurers. Then we guide you to the fun spots throughout the day, with the option to stick with the group the whole time or roam free.

Tour leader and chief adventurer, Megan Tyson King, will take you to some of the “hot spots” you may not have considered on your own. You are, after all, VIP of a county fair, so the sky is the limit on ways to explore and unleash your inner fun machine. Want to milk a cow? We’re all set up to do that! Have a hankering to find the best ice cream the fair has to offer? The challenge is on! Want to meet new, interesting people? That’s always a part of the plan.

All this, in addition to transport to a cool restaurant afterward, plenty of bonding while kicking up some dirt, and let’s not forget — the veggie races will rock!

So whether you’re looking for a jolly day out with the gals or guys, to make new friends, because you’re secretly looking to “meet someone,” just want a break from the city to try something new, hope to impress a date, or whatever the case… come along!

About Megan

Megan has been traveling and seeking adventures since she was a young, young lass. She has an expert knack for tracking down activities and events that are categorized as unique, different, fun, experiential, laughter-inducing, jubilant, and just plain fun. She loves to ensure people have a good time and she’s all about getting out of the big city to get a dose of small town charms. Whether that sounds like just your style, or you realize you haven’t let your hair down in a while, she invites you to join in!

Company Motivation

If you’re bored with the everyday grind, tired of meeting the same types of people who just do the same old thing every night and weekend, you’re not alone. Our belief system is that new experiences, whether big and bold or small and somewhat silly, all enhance life’s enjoyment. Simple as that. These things remind us that life doesn’t have to be so serious and dull all the time. And when you’re open to being out of your element, great things can happen.

Ask Megan to vouch for that. It wasn’t easy for her to find Mr. Right. But when she went on a journey that was out of her ordinary urban life – caked in dirt, unable to shower, shearing sheep and mining for gems, that’s when she found Mr. Very Right (whom she just married last month!) It’s also where she found her passion for sharing these experiences with folks like you.

Eventbrite - VIP Veggie Races at the County Fair


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