Are You Hiding in the Bushes?

Are You Hiding in the Bushes?

Some days, I really can’t believe the news headlines I see. Like today, reading about a certain public figure who literally hid in the bushes to avoid the press. Ultimately to avoid visibility to a global audience.

Sounds kind of ridiculous, right?

But then, if he had a hard time backing up what he was saying, or believing in what he was supposed to say, then I can certainly see the temptation to hide.

Now, all that political stuff aside, and all the reasons why said spicy personality guy hid…let’s talk about you.

You are not him.

And unlike him, you’re not a spokesperson for someone else with a reputation for misinformation. Rather, you’re a spokesperson for yourself. Your own beliefs.

You are you.

Someone who cares about what you do and what you say in a loving, caring manner. Someone who’s always learning, who believes in personal growth, who wants to make an impact for the better in whatever you do. Who sees the world with an open mind and an open heart.

You go about your day finding ways to contribute and make things better in the world.

But let me ask you something…

Even knowing you’re a heart-centered individual, do you ever feel like you’re hiding in a bush?

I ask, because I have to confess that sometimes I do.

I don’t hide because I don’t believe in what I’m saying. But in the past, I’ve hidden for fear of “rocking the boat” among others’ opinions, or to avoid conflicts, or simply because the throught of going full force, full speed into embodying my boldest passions brings up self doubt.

I’ve grappled with thoughts like:

Am I good enough or qualified enough to speak out about [fill in the blank]?

Will people even listen if I speak out about [fill in the blank]?

Would people resist/hate what I had to say about [fill in the blank]?

What big scary challenges will I have to face if I speak out about [fill in the blank]?

These are little niggly voices that race through my head from time to time! Voices that have slowed me or stopped me from speaking out about one thing or another across various blips in my life.

Though… you know what’s awesome?

I’ve learned to move past these voices and say “to heck with that!” I’ve learned that there’s nothing worth keeping me from speaking up about my values and most passionate beliefs. Because everything I speak out about I do in the hopes that it makes the world a brighter place.

I speak out for:

  • those who share the same beliefs and are looking for likeminded souls out there
  • those who see the world one way and never really thought about seeing it another way
  • because I have this purposeful message in my head that’s just gotta get out!

There’s so much more I have to share, and so many ways in which I can share. But I’m working with where I am, with what I’ve got, and striving to create something bigger. (Even when I have those days where I’d rather hang out tucked under a blanket.)

I have a feeling you have a powerful message you wish to get out, too.

So I ask you this…

Do you have something bigger to say, a strong, heated desire and belief that matters to people who need to hear your view? Who need to know you hear them and relate?

Do you feel called to make this voice heard more clearly? Louder?

I hope so – because your story matters!

Whether you express yourself in conversations, tweets, articles, speeches, in petitions, in creating art, classes, financial contributions, poetry…in how you treat others…it all matters.

Have you been able to fully express yourself?

Or are you hiding in a bush?

If so, don’t beat yourself up. I get it. I’ve been there.

But I invite you to lean into whatever your intuitive guidance beckons and to raise your voice to whatever beautiful cause you so uniquely are called to share.

Rise up, my friends!

I’ll strive to do the same as I grow this business, my vision and my cause.

(If you’re reading this and wondering what my biggest vision and cause is, check it out)

Feel free to chat with me for clarity on how you can best do this.

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