Why You Might Be Avoiding Adventure

You LOVE adventure. You dream of it. You CAN’T WAIT until your next getaway.

…but…when it comes to the daily grind, are you really harnessing your adventurous spirit like you’d like? And do you even see this as possible?

Let’s delve in…

When you really think about it, what is that big juicy adventure that you could do from home on any given week? That one experience, class, event, hobby, connection, or interaction you’ve been avoiding?

Anything? Keep digging if you need… YES – that one that just popped front of mind!

If you need, here’s a few options to get your thinker in motion.

-> Perhaps you’ve moved to a new area and haven’t found the kind of close friend connections you’ve been hoping. Yet you know you could do so if you led the way to organize events and invite acquaintances.

-> Maybe you’ve had this scuba dive certification gift card sitting around on your desk for months, but you just haven’t booked a time to cash in.

-> You’ve always wanted to take a class — trapeze, golf, creative writing, aerial yoga, reiki, etc — but you just haven’t made the time.

-> Perhaps you want to give speeches or try stand up comedy, but can’t even fathom getting near a stage, much less command it.

-> Or you’d love to enter a cake baking contest, but you cab’t muster up the nerve.

These are all examples of what could be calling your attention, yet you haven’t given them any love and attention.

Or, you could be so avoidant of your adventurous spirit’s calling that you honestly can’t even think about what it is that sounds like a spirited good time for you.

And you might be thinking, “Right, Megan, I don’t have any freakin’ time to do these things!”

It’s okay! I get it.

You’re not alone, and this is a judgment-free zone.

But here’s what you need to know:

Regular adventure is necessary.

It’s not a splurge, it’s not the icing on the cake (though speaking of cake, what good is it anyway if there’s no icing??)

Let me repeat: Adventure is necessary.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s why – because adventure is that calling within ourselves that’s constantly hoping you’ll listen. It’s the place where you can explore, learn, grow, experience, wonder, wander and just BE.

Without it, life is like a Twinkie with the filling removed. It’s the treasure hunt with a disappointing end — actually, it’s avoiding the treasure hunt altogether. It’s pacing around on a desert island without attempting to get off. Or carefully pulling each morsel of a pomegranate apart only to throw away the entire fruit.

Need something more bookish and psychological to back up this statement? You got it!

( 1 ) Adventure helps remind you to feel confident and bold. The more activities you face head on, the more you realize you’re capable of so much more. Stretching your limits. Pushing the dial on your goals to expand into more than you’d dreamed of. You realize anything is possible, and some things that are possible for you are even greater than what you’d imagined.

( 2 ) Sharing an adventure with someone else creates a strong connection that’s highly valuable. At our core, we are a communal species and it’s super important for our mental health that we connect on a deep level with others. One way to do that? Share an adventure with someone!

( 3 ) Those who are more engaged in a variety of experiences are more likely to retain positive emotions and joy resilience.

( 4 ) In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, adventure is what helps you build your self-awareness and achieve self-actualization, which is your ability to truly “be all you can be.” It’s not great how many of us know more about “The Bachelorette” than we do about our own inner needs and dreams. Get on that self-actualization train!

Now, go forth and seek out an adventure!

Refer back to this blog if avoiding adventure continues to be your default.

Then share with me what that is. I’d love to hear & cheer you on! Email megan(at)youradventurouslife.com or join The Adventure Club to comment in the free Facebook group.






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