Balloons and Beaches

How are you? For me, I’m great! Happily hanging out at home.

One of the many great things about travel and exploring is an enhanced appreciation to be home, wearing your cozies, and sleeping in your own bed.

That’s the case for me at the moment, as I’ve been on the road for the past month. Now I’m home, wearing an ultra soft cardigan from my sister and sipping a soothing cocoa.

Not to say I didn’t enjoy my travels, because oh my goodness – yes I did!

In fact, I just connected the dots and realized this really cool theme among all the places I’ve been.

First, I went to Albuquerque, New Mexico, my hometown. Here, I connected to my roots, visiting dear family and friends I’ve known since I was 5. And together we went to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, which is by far my favorite event in Albuquerque. I love balloons! (Can you tell, based on my logo? Which, by the way, has been redesigned by the fabulous, talented Christy Batta Design!)

Then, I went to New York City. which marks a key place in my life. I spent a summer living here on my own for an acting program at age 17. The process of going to live in a crazy big city on my own was a big comfort zone stretch for me, and an amazing growth experience. Which is why I always make a point to return here from time to time.

Next up, I checked off a new country —The Bahamas. Gotta love my new places to explore! Here, I not only met with an incredible group of business women as we focused on our bigger visions and movements (the heart of what drives our businesses), but I also got a really good flavor of island life.

I heard first hand about Bahamian culture, listened to stories from locals who had lived there for generations, and got insight on the interplay between tourism and how that affects the locals and the environment. I love this kind of stuff because I think it’s so important to have these conversations and learn what a place is really like. Not just hang on the beach with a rum runner (though the beaches are lovely, too!), but truly connect with the people and connect with the heart of a place. (I’ll share more updates on what I got from these conversations and connections soon!).

Now that I’ve been back home in Maryland a few days, I’ve already had a few other experiences like my first Diwali celebration hosted by an Indian friend, and a day shooting a video with a super talented film crew from El Salvador (where I got to practice my somewhat rusty Spanish).

Why share my many trips and experiences? Because I’m so grateful to have had them!

And because in reflection, they became this connect-the-dots — going from my roots, to a trip that helped ignite my adventurous spirit, into the many cultural experience that fuel me every day to do what I do.

New and unique experiences are all around us. From visiting our hometowns to immersing in new countries and culture… the world has so much to share with us! We are all lifelong learners, and the more we acknowledge this and seek out ways to have our perspectives expanded, the more we find inspirations through unexpected interactions, and the more we let ourselves explore the way we were designed to do (even when the comfort zone sounds really enticing). It really matters that we lean into more explorations.

Go out and experience new things

The more we connect as a whole with the globe, with who we really are, and what really brings us joy, then the more the overall world can come together and experience more peace.

Or if that vision sounds too big to process right now, you can at least focus on coming together to share a fish platter at a. beachside cafe.

Big hugs and high fives!


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