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Are you feeling overwhelmed, unclear, unmotivated, or just so caught in indecision that you feel your productivity is down and the to-do lists zipping around in your head are about ready to burst?

I know the feeling, I’ve been there. I want to help you get clear, calm and on track to a job/career/business journey that’s aligned with you and for you. A path where you feel clear, on purpose, and in control of your life.

It may be you’re…

  • a serial job hopper who just can’t seem to tie down a job?
  • in a job but it’s not a fit. you’re exhausted, unmotivated, wondering how you got here?
  • aware there’s a better fitting career, but in the sea of options you just can’t figure it out?

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Sound familiar?

Hi, I’m Megan King, and I had this same issue. I’ve worked in all kinds of roles, some fun, some not, none of them fulfilling and for some reason, none of them lasting. For me, the beginning phases worked well. I was a nomad and didn’t want to settle into one job. I liked learning and immersing myself in something different. So it didn’t matter that I was hopping from one job to the next.

…But then I got into the phase in my life where I wanted consistency, benefits, and focused work that was meaningful.

Problem was, that pursuit had with it its own trials. It was hard to land something long term because employers saw my ultra varied job experience as someone who wouldn’t stay, rather than someone with a lot of quality experience to offer.

What’s more, when I did land jobs, they were always on a contract basis.

Oh, how I wanted to simply try that life of a cubicle!

But then I discovered a process that helped me realize the jobs I was seeking were not aligned with me at my core talent and purpose. So no wonder I was struggling to hold down a job!

I learned to dig at who I really am, what I had to offer, what kind of work really drove me, just me, not the expectations of others.

And you know what?

That shift made all the difference in helping me pursue a career and a business that I love. A career that fits my interests and talents, supports the lifestyle I desire, and makes me happy and fulfilled. (If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s this one!)

We all deserve that kind of job that lights us up… what’s yours?

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