Cherry Berry Bliss

cherry tree

Raise your hand if you like fruit pie! Jam? Cherry juice in vodka? Blueberries in your oatmeal?

Well, whatever the case, Colin (my hubs) and I are gonna have some fun in the kitchen this weekend, because Colin and I took a little day trip to the far corners of Montgomery County, Maryland, to get tart cherries and blueberries!

Tart cherries are dreamy to me. They make one of the best pies in the world! it’s a treat that brings me back to childhood, with my best pal next-door neighbors’ cherry tree. The picking, the eating, the pitting, the baking, and best of all bests: the eating!!

So if you’re looking for an activity this weekend, wherever you are, research if there’s anywhere you can go fruit picking nearby. I have tons of choices myself, it just takes a 45 to 1 hour drive, and i’m there. And any of these spots are bound to have hiking trails nearby if you’re up for a combo trip.

Connect with the earth, get a little dirty, say hello to chirping birds, and pick some fruit! I have a hunch you’ll like it…manual labor? Nah. Just a charming activity.

(P.S. If you’re in DC/MD/VA- this time around I went to Homestead Farm and hiked at Seneca Creek State Park. Both great finds! And then refreshed with a swim at the Gaithersburg Public Pool — don’t overlook this place either – $6 for a mix of pools, water slides, and the kids get kicked out the last quarter of every hour so grown-ups can take over the water slides)

Now, this is just a silly video I made after blueberry picking. Enjoy!


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