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The Quest for More Adventures

Jump out of the hamster wheel and onto the voyage of your life. All it takes is that step into action, and some “recipes” to unlock your inner explorer. I’ll guide you to create a lifestyle of more joy, more fun and more laughter.

I help you get clear on the ways you want to experience more in your life, be it a round-the-world trip, a crazy fun day outing, or even a new hobby…we work on this together to make sure you’re having the joy and fun that you crave in your life.

Many times this has to do with more travel in your life, so we focus on the best types of travel for you, best hassle-free ways to get you out on the open road, and best ways to maximize the fun and the rejuvenation you experience while away, and on return.

Ready to strap on your jetpack?

Get Me Out Here! Coaching & Experience Planning Package

In this service, I speak with you on the phone for 1 hour and we discuss anything you want to talk about – vacationing more, starting a new hobby, how to make your weekends more fun and restorative, how to choose the right travel journey, how to find an adventure companion, anything you want.

Then we talk about the best experiences that are right for you. What you like, what activities resonate with you most, your idea of fun. After the call, I send you a custom, researched adventure plan of action that you can use anytime.


Private VIP Coaching

Want to chat one-on-one? Great! I offer coaching packages suited just for you.

To get set up, please first sign up for an introductory call to get going.


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Group Coaching Programs

We’ll have training calls, group q&a, a Facebook group and more. Stay tuned for info on the next group. Or stay updated by filling in the form here:

Corporate Workshops and Speaking

Among the top secrets of highly successful professionals is that they’re active in diverse non-work activities in their free time and they spend time unplugged on vacations. These steps boost productivity, creativity, company satisfaction and more.

I offer tailored business workshops and talks that focus on team-building, creativity, and life-work balance, all with an engaging theme of action and adventure.

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