Day Six of Vlogging: Enjoying the View

It’s the journey, not the destination that matters.

That’s what they say! Similarly, “don’t forget to enjoy the view.”

But how does this relate to your everyday life? And what if you’re in a place where there just isn’t anything interesting to look at?

I challenge you to challenge this thought by taking on today’s challenge: find something new and unique to appreciate in your view today. There could actually be something lovely, quirky, cool that you’ve never noticed on your commute, or just outside your office window. We get so stuck on distractions – looking at our phones, listening to podcasts that we don’t look up and notice the little things right in front of us.

For me, I’ve got a view of DC that’s always got something new to see. It might a building I hadn’t noticed, or the weather creates really interesting clouds. Or yesterday, I even noticed a butterfly out my window – which, being on the 10th floor and far from greenery, is a rare thing!

The more you practice this element of enjoying your literal view, this actually helps you notice your more figurative view of what’s happening in your life. It’s important to stop and notice, so explore away!


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