Eclipse Around the World

When we had our solar eclipse the other week, I had a blast!

It was my first time really enjoying an eclipse. No idea why I don’t recall the last one or two in my history, but I didn’t.

This time, I went straight to the NASA facilities in Maryland and got the specialized viewing glasses. When the time came for the best view from my hone Silver Spring, I united with dozens and dozens of people from all over the globe! I was only in the point of 85% totality, but it was enough to experience the amazing phenomenon of looking at the sun and moon, and observing the unique shadows through trees.

But beyond the truly cosmic experience of the sun and the moon, in such alignment, was the people!

When I went outside to view the sun, I ran into so many different people along the street. People of different ages, different backgrounds, different nationalities. I live in a neighborhood wealthy with diversity. And for that moment viewing the eclipse, we all connected, shared in using the eclipse glasses, shared in talking about the wonder of the sun, and shared stories of how others have experienced past eclipses.

I talked to some guys at the auto shop, one from Sierra Leon and one from El Salvador, chatting about the ancient records of eclipses in Mayan civilization. I talked to a Mexican couple and got handy tips on how to properly take an eclipse photo on the iPhone. I chatted and “selfied” with a handful of Ethiopians popping out of their restaurant. And the walk & share & view stroll kept going.

I walked the same street I walk everyday, but this time was such a special moment when everyone was out, with the same collective goal and experience. Around the world in just a few block’s stroll.

And it was amazing.

Our country is so rich with diversity, with so many wonderful people from so many different backgrounds. I can feel like I’m traveling and experiencing new cultures just by having a few chats on the street. And the experience is truly blissful.

People, in general, are amazing. If you just open up, connect, and share. We’re all one in the shared beauty of humanity. One soul to another, on this little planet. Anyone who thinks we’re different, or one as better than the next has missed the point of what it means to be human. Let’s live in a world of unity and love, not of divisiveness and prejudice.

To all the people of the world, I love you.



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