Five Fears Holding You Back From a Fuller, More Adventurous Life

Five Fears Holding You Back From a Fuller, More Adventurous Life

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So you want to do big things, you have big dreams and visions… But where you are now feels so very far from where you want to be, and the gap is so daunting you aren’t always sure how you’ll achieve your goals.

Sound like you?

They say “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

But those dreams, when compared to where you are now, seem so very far away.

Can it really be that good? That voice of skepticism may say…

Well — YES, yes it can!

You just need to know when you’re up against an invisible block, and work your way around it instead of standing there, waiting for that boulder in your path to get up and step aside.

Here are the five most common fears I see clients struggle with time and again.

1. Fear that you’re not good enough

Oy! That dreaded thought that you don’t have the skills or training or degrees, or the twenty years of the most accurate training to move ahead with anything.

To that, I say, harrumph. Tell the Negative Nancy voice in your head that it’s just not true. Sure, depending what you want to do, you might need a degree or certification, or hands-on training. Or it may be a good fit to hire a coach or consultant to put you on the fast track. But as a person with the desire to become something, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

I don’ t need to know you personally to know that. Because we are all special and if we all go for the dreams we truly want that fit our own individual desires and skills, are willing to learn and grow, are willing to overcome challenges, and are willing to do this for the right reasons, then we can do anything.

2. Fear that you can’t have it all

Says who? Myth, baby, myth!

Many of us get trained to thinking if one thing goes well in life, then something else won’t. That you may have a prolific career you love, but at the expense of family and an active life of hobby interests. Or vice-versa.

I’ve been a big culprit of this. But I learned it’s a load of nuh-uh. We are all conscious creators on a journey to leave a life full of joy and fulfillment in all areas of our life. Sure, there are obstacles that get in the way, and sometimes sad/traumatic/annoying things happen. Don’t fret, that’s all part of the journey. And all worth it to achieve our most well-roundedly awesome-as-an-opossum life.

Just keep going, one step at a time, my friend.

3. Fear of money – either too much or too little

Oof. Mo’ money, mo’ trouble. Or not enough money, ever… even if you literally just won the lottery and found that the money starts to dwindle. You’ve seen big celebrities go bankrupt. It happens.

Here’s what you need to know: the Universe provides all the abundance you need. Wealth is not just about money. And poverty is not just about money, either. Money is for making things happen, and it’s important that you honor your worth by pricing yourself well in business and career negotiations, and it’s also important that you invest money in things that match your values rather than holding onto all of it for dear life.

Let it flow, and trust the cycle of providing value for money, being open to varying income streams, and appreciating money. Say thank you to the next Ben Franklin you get. Talk to that bill of yours and show it you care. Then invest it, donate it, splurge with it, or put it in savings… Point is, money is good, and we are all worthy of earning a good living, and not letting the amount of money make us feel trapped.

4. Fear of what I’ll have to give up or how I’ll have to change to succeed

Heard the phrase: “It’s lonely at the top”?

Actually, if you’ve seen the top of a mountain, or the expanse at an exclusive beach, there’s plenty of room for others to pick up a chair next to you and enjoy the view just as much.

If you’re growing personally and worried about others who don’t “get” what you’re doing or support it, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose them. The people who matter will grow with you and support you along the way. And if you keep an abundant energy around rising to the top, you’ll find that you can make amazing friendships along the way. Richard Branson doesn’t look lonely, does he?

5. Fear of the unknown

Getting into new territory with anything. A new career, a new family life setting, a new home, new business…it’s all unknown terrain!

But you know what else it is? Something new for you to explore. Something you can embrace as you take this on as a journeyer. As you harness your inner adventurer and go forth to learn and grow and see what exciting new vistas you come across.

That can feel scary, but that’s part of the point. The unknown is invigorating, and if you take calculated yet courageous steps forward, in line with your intuition, then all will be well and wonderful.

You’ve got this.

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