Flight Upgrade Fun

I love flying!! This isn’t the first time I’ve said this, and it won’t be the last. Sure, with high security, heavy luggage, lines, delays, turbulence… several reasons to dislike air travel.

But all those aside, I love it!

I’ve said this before, including how flying solo in the middle seat is awesome, but I’ve got to say it again. Flying is the best value for service you could ever get!

You get to zip around the globe in record time, get dedicated entertainment, rest and relax time, and have someone bring you drinks, snacks and meals right to your cushy chair.

Some of this isn’t always the case, and nowadays the only free meals-to-chair services are for long haul flights or first class, but still, I’m a fan.

I better add that I’m more enthusiastic than normal because I’ve just flown business class (oh yeah!) on a very nice airline (British Airways) on a cross-Atlantic flight (the longer the flight, the more the services), on an A380 (snazzy double decker plane).

I regularly fly to England to visit my husband’s family. We usually go with United, an airline I’m less a fan of, and only choose them based on cost and schedule. Why? A history of rude service and you never get free wine on American based airlines for long-haul flights. (Red wine is my #1 elixir for successfully sleeping on red-eyes.)

IMG_1752Back to my business class story, we were upgraded to business class, called World Traveller Plus by the airline, and enjoyed high-altitude pampering! We were greeted with champagne and orange juice (not a mimosa, we got a glass of each to mix the ratio as we wished), read our guide to fully enjoying our seats, and settled in with so much leg room I could fully extend my legs. The window seat rocked, because I could fit two bags and our coats to avoid the overhead compartment storage. (Oh, and on this BA flight, the coach tickets has the same great storage solution.)

We received a restaurant quality menu for our dinner, and were given hot towels to prepare. Real dishes were used, and we got plenty of wine, water and a tea or coffee to finish (no need to feel like you’re asking for too many things. It’s expected to serve the variety of drinks). This perk on wine and coffee/tea is for the coach class too. As is the little tough that made a big difference — a fade light in the bathrooms to help your eyes adjust. Bravo, British Airways.

flight guide

I realize that if I flew this level more often, I wouldn’t be so ecstatic. That’s the joys of getting the occasional upgrade from a typically cost-saving coach traveler. Next, I need to figure out how to get to first class. Amazing seats and I could only imagine extra impressive service there!

Tips for You

Want to know how you can get upgraded on your flight?

The easiest, free way to do it has to do with points. If you’re not signed up for a points program on an airline, get signed up. Choose the airline you fly often and most want to be treated on. We were upgraded because my husband has several points on BA. I, on the other hand, have United points, which I can use when booking BA as their partner airline, but it doesn’t give me the status and preferential treatment on BA than it’s own points holders. (Something for me to reconsider switching since I’m such a fan of BA now.) Thanks for the upgrade perk, hubby!


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