Greetings from Zim!

Hi there! Want to know where I am? In Zimbabwe, exploring lots of awesome spots to take groups in the future. It’s been quite a week full of adventures, from seeing the wondrous Victoria Falls, to sampling new flavors like wharthog and kudu (pretty tasty!), and taking a scenic stroll alongside 8-month-old lions. And that’s just a small sampling of the tales I’m bringing back with me.

Great Zimbabwe ruins in Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe ruins in Masvingo, Zimbabwe


I’ve got a lineup of blogs coming your way. But for now while I have a brief moment of wifi, I’ll simply send a “coming soon” notice and tell you that this country is gorgeous, super friendly, incredibly photogenic, and it’s not hard to spot the incredible animals of this land. So far we’ve spotted zebras, impala, hippos, tons of vibrant birds, crocodile…so yeah, in sum, good times. Travel rocks.

Tichataura! (Shona for talk to you later.)



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