How to Make Air Travel More Bearable

So you stayed up late packing, then woke up way earlier than your norm to get to your flight. You finally make it through the crowds of security, now what do you do?

Do what I’ve declared is the best thing you can do…

You find a way to relax and treat yourself so that you can better enjoy your travels. If you have the time to spare, and you happen to be in a large, awesome airport like Terminal 5 at Heathrow International, find yourself a good looking restaurant and order something splurgy.

On this last trip, Colin and I opted for Plane Food, Gordon Ramsey’s in-terminal restaurant. The food is really tasty, and not that pricey for what you get. And where else but a large international airport are you greeted with a full wine menu when you sit down for an early morning breakfast? With travelers operating on all kinds of time zones, the restaurant was kind enough to consider it must be 5 o’clock somewhere.

breakfast martiniToo early for me for wine, but we did give into another temptation. Colin ordered up the breakfast martini. With a name like that, it must be a good start to embark on a long flight. Plus, a little splurge like this was our treat for the 4:45am wake time, 3-hour drive, rental return, shuttle drive and security line hustle. I call that a well-earned beverage. Ooooh nice.

Other Ways to Pamper

If traveling later in the day, I recommend stopping for a glass of wine before a flight. Most airports have good watering holes and wine cafes. When I’ve had a high-stress airport experience (and have the time), I like to order a wine flight to prep for my air flight. It calms the nerves, and for me, red wine not only helps me relax, but it’s also my liquid lullaby if I’m hoping to sleep on my flight. Ninety percent of the time, my wine trick works like a charm for the zzz’s!

Have you seen the emergence of more massage shops and salons in airports large and mid-sized? It’s such a smart way to add an extra relaxation tool to balance any stress that comes of travel. If the stress is building in your shoulders or back, treat yourself to a quality rub. Pricier than you’d hoped? Or not the setting of lavender and tea lights you prefer? Sure. But the benefits balance as it’s self care when you need it, especially for long-haul trips.


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