It’s Not Easy Taking it Easy

You know how in life you have your super fast-paced, action phases and your slower, chill out, take it easy phases?

Well, I think I’ve had a combo of those lately, as I’ve been all-action whirling up new programs and events. 

But I’ve also had some glorious “chill out” moments, including one yesterday that I want to share with you.

Yesterday my hubs, Colin, and I took the afternoon off of work for much needed day spa time. It was sooooo nice! We both got a massage, swam in a saltwater pool, and sat around in the spa’s relaxation room sipping tea.

What I found so interesting about this time to unplug and relax, was observing how relaxation is actually a skill. Some do it well, and some… not so much. 

I know from my personal life and from everyone I work with, making that time for yourself to relax and put yourself in a setting like a spa can seem far fetched.

And then if you do make time to truly relax, there’s still a varying level of how much you can actually rest and let release stress.

While lounging in the relaxation room of this spa, I simply sat there, for almost an hour after my massage. Others came and went, but I just sat there. I didn’t need to read, I didn’t feel like sleeping. I was just content to sit there. To let my mind wander.

But that wasn’t always the case!

Rewind 10 years ago and spas made me tense! Not the whole time, but figuring out the lockers, then trying to get into the relaxation room at a decent time, or “racing” the clock if I was meeting my husband on the other side. Or wondering if I had everything I needed. 

It was this odd, out-of-place frenzy I’d do to figure out a new spa, and it would take me a while to really relax! And if I were getting a massage, even during the event, I might get tense from getting ticklish, or maybe frustrated if I wasn’t impressed with my massage therapist. Or wondering how badly the head rest would imprint my forehead. I also had a habit of chit chatting with my massage therapist. When now I believe that’s not a time for chatting. It’s a time to just sit quiet and be.

Now, I feel like I could win a medal in relaxing. Others at the spa were obviously less of the champions. One who dipped in the hot tub for 30 seconds and then was out in a flash, back to change and leave. 

Another, a couple, sat around in the hot tub, avoiding the jets, and doing nothing but box their heads into their phones, playing some game.

Why share this? 

Because it’s taken a lot of work for me to get where I am, able to relax. And it took more than repeat visits to the spa. It took a lot of other work for me to just learn. to be. To sit and receive. To turn off my racing mind. To set up my schedule so I wasn’t always racing the clock.

I mean what this blog title says: It’s NOT easy taking it easy. 

So I challenge you to think about times you’ve successfully, or unsuccessfully tried to take it easy. Whether at a spa, the beach, on any kind of vacation. 

When you make the space to let go and relax, you do more than melt away stress and do big favors for your body. You also open up a space of splendid thoughts to bounce around you. To bask in the beauty of slow, relaxed breathing, and to wipe the slate clean of whatever is keeping you tense – at least for the moment. 

The benefits last. So I challenge you to challenge yourself to relax even deeper than you’ve ever relaxed before. To treat yourself to some tuned out headspace time, and to allow a little pampering. Observe where your mind goes. When is it the anti-relaxed one, and when does it allow true, resplendent relaxation to kick in.

Try it and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear.


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