Lazy Day Pampering

Recently I enjoyed a Sunday afternoon of complete r&r. I lounged around, curled under a soft blanket, listened to some music, looked out my window to gaze at a truly breathtaking view. I also watched a couple movies and read a book.

Just as I felt a little bit hungry, a man stopped by to offer me a hot dinner, and someone else dropped by to pour me a glass of wine. How nice. Dinner’s all taken care of and I don’t have to get up. I don’t even have to pay or leave a tip. Just simply receive this pampered treatment in exchange for a smile and a “thank you”.

by My Past on flickr

by My Past on flickr

Where was I?

Up in the air! On a trans-Atlantic flight, sitting in coach.

Airplane travel often gets a very bad rep. So much so that some people will do whatever they can to avoid air travel.

I admit there are plenty of hassles that can crop up at any moment. I have yet to find anyone who enjoys the security line or feels chipper about all the added charges for bags and airport fees these days. Plus if you’re not paying the big bucks for a long haul flight or first class seats, you even have to buy your meal or snack.

All these reasons, and that’s before the ultra hassle that comes from unexpected delays and cancelations

But on the flip side, my very, very favorite thing about flights is this: they get you places! So many places in so little time. We are so lucky to have affordable flights that can take you anywhere from Bali to Vegas or even Timbuktu!

Can you even imagine the travelers back in the day? The months-long boat journeys across the Atlantic or the weeks and weeks in a covered wagon? For anyone who grew up playing Oregon Trail, you know how hard a “road trip” was back then with broken axels, ill oxen, rivers too deep to ford. Oh my! I’m loving air travel more and more now!

by Joshua Davis

by Joshua Davis

And, might I add, the little improvements on airport hassles sure are awesome as well. My most recent two airport visits through TSA greeted me with a very pleasant surprise – my shoes stayed on and my laptop could stay inside my bag! I’m signing up for TSA Pre-check so I can get this every time. Little joys of a simpler travel day make me smile.

So let me take the time now to say, thank you airplanes in the sky! And all the airlines that take us places.

(No, this is not sponsored or affiliated by an airline… I’m just grateful. 🙂 )

P.S. If any reader is considering starting their own airline, may I suggest a massage therapist on each flight? Then I can really consider this as a great r&r day!

P.S.S. If you’re wondering how I got free wine, the trick is to not go with a U.S.-based airline. South African Airlines kindly obliges to this perk, whereas many overseas American flights have removed this perk.


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