Less is More

What do you think of the phrase: Less is More?

Logically, I find it to be a very handy principle to live by.

It goes hand in hand with the idea of simple living. The more we try to force a lot of action and a mountain-sized goals and activities in our lives, the less we notice the little things that have the power to bring about the most joy.

Story after story, fable after fable in our culture shines a light on how the idea of simplicity is far greater than excess.

I’ve been thinking about specific examples of how you can benefit so greatly from the idea of less…

Personal organizing professionals herald how people are stressed and overburdened because they own too much stuff in their homes. Master chefs know that some of the best recipes have fewer than five ingredients. Writers know that a sentence with the right medley of word choices can be much more potent than a full paragraph. Graphic designers know that too many colors in a design could be overwhelming. And painters know that too much paint on the paintbrush could mess up a brush stroke.

When you think about it, the “less is more” way of life really does apply to lots of things in your every day.

For example, in travel, I find that booking too much in the itinerary gets to feel too, to where I don’t have enough time to truly appreciate a place. Whereas when I just have a few activities a day, I have room to truly explore and appreciate a destination’s unique magic.

In business, too many specialties/services/choices/directions provided by an entrepreneur, the less prospects value their expertise as opposed to a specialist who does one thing really, really well.

I found an excellent way to reaffirm the less is more principle in a recent art night I organized. Check out the story & “aha moment” I had on my video:



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