Don’t Put Up With the Undertow

Last weekend, Colin and I went to Virginia for some r&r, to attend a wedding, and to celebrate our own one year wedding anniversary (woot woot!).

There’s nothing like a visit to the beach to keep me happy and balanced. It’s so beautiful, and I can spend the day getting totally worked out and totally relaxed just by hanging out on the shore. Among my favorite beach workouts is running barefoot at the tip of the waves. When I’m hot, I splash or swim in the water. When I’m tired, I plunk down in the sand. Easy, awesome, fulfilling, free workout.beach

While beach jogging Monday morning, I stopped to take in my view of the blue expanse. I stood with the waves hitting my ankles and retracting back to sea. Then I tested my balancing skills by standing still as the undertow that snatched the land from beneath me. I wobbled to keep balanced, and continued this challenge wave after wave. I have really good balance (thank you, yoga) so I didn’t fall over, but with every wave, I sank down into the sand.

It got me thinking— undertow is a lot like life. How many currents sweep the ground from below us, but we just wobble and flail to stay put where we are? And how many of us react to that shift in terrain and take a step to somewhere new and sturdy?

I can think of so many examples where people get stuck where they are, unhappy, unenthusiastic, just -un-. But no matter the hints (or blatant sings) saying they need to take a fresh new step, they just stay. Hoping the land will suddenly reappear below their feet. But that’s not how it works.

What this means for you

If you stay where you are with undertow, you lose balance, you sink into the ground, and eventually you fall. In life, it’s the same. You can’t just stay exactly where you are, hoping to stay upright, because everything around you is in motion.

Whatever situation you’re in, you need to keep moving forward, toward a new scenic place to stand. If you don’t step, you fall over or sink below the sand.


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