Making Friends With Caterpillars

I’ve seen a couple caterpillars while out jogging the past few days.

They’re so cute! They’re so fuzzy!!!

And, I have a confession to make: The first one I spotted, I picked it up and moved it. Reason being, he was crawling along the pavement, and I worried he’d be flattened if he stayed out in the open.

But then, I realized I had no idea where he wanted to be, and if he’s just made the effort to move away from the grass line, then what I possibly did was set him back several strides.

Who am I go assume I know where he wants to go?

So the next day, I saw another caterpillar. This time, in a very similar fashion. She was speedily crawling along the path. But rather than feel the need to pick her up and place her in some greenery, I simply stopped and watched her. She was truly moving with a purpose, had some sort of direction in mind, and didn’t need a big ol’ human to transport her.

And then I started to wonder if she knew what she was about to do…

Did she know that in no time, she’d be creating a cocoon and then losing all her fuzz, and then more or less becoming a bit of goo, then completely changing shape and color, tearing free from her surrounding, and then emerging as a beautiful, colorful butterfly??

THIS IS WHERE MY THOUGHTS GO WHEN I JOG IN NATURE! And I absolutely love the creative pondering flow. 🙂

Back to it… I was so curious to know how much this caterpillar really knew about its future. What did she know? Was she only thinking about food, or did she have all the directions in her head of where to find a cocoon spot, then how to plan for the metamorphosis, and how to emerge when ready, then how to fly?

Are caterpillars born with little instruction manuals?

Because AS A HUMAN, life can feel so challenging. Who am I? What’s my purpose in life? Should I have a salad or sandwich for lunch? What color should I dye my hair? Was he being genuine or sarcastic? Should I switch careers? What should I do this weekend? What should I wear today?

Raise your hand if there’s a time when you just want to KNOW what to do next, and you wished you could hire someone to make all your decisions for you because there’s just TOO MANY DECISIONS TO MAKE!!

I totally get it. I’m with you here. This whole human experience thing sounds so gosh darn confusing sometimes.

Alas – there’s a purpose to what I’m saying:

Whatever a caterpillar knows or doesn’t know about her future, she does know whatever step she needs to take right now. And it’s a fact that she’s got a heck of a beautiful, exciting future ahead.

Same with us, for the most part. We can figure out our day to day, and make a decision on what we’ll cook for dinner.

But when it comes to our own personal transformation, we’re on a cycle ourselves to expand. Some things are obvious, when we grow out of our toddler pudge phase, or when we go through our awkward puberty phase.

As adults, however, the transformation is not as visual, but just as important.

We continue to grow, we continue to be tested, and we continue to face uber big challenges in life.

And most importantly, we continue to fly! To soar! Not in as literal a term as butterflies, but the contribution and impact we have in our lives, when lived to the fullest, is truly like soaring.

This ability to SOAR is in all of us. We actually DO have an internal compass guiding us. Every step of the way to figure out what’s needed to transform, and then to flit, flit and fly.

Universal navigation systems are activated.


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