Mexico Retreat Recap


All I can say is wow.

My vision of taking a group to Mexico to delve into the culture, the flavors, the culture, the people, the history, the nature… and what’s more, open up to their own transformation that comes from doing deeply connected travel… and that retreat is complete.

I feel so blessed and deeply content that I had the opportunity to make this trip happen. It came with its challenges, as any first-time service launch often does. But it was oh so worth it, and those who attended made it even more special.

I’m filled with gratitude to have led such amazing attendees, and together, experienced such wonders of a great country.

If I were to name my favorite part of the trip, that would be difficult. So much to choose from!

But I’d have to go with the same favorite as my attendees voted on, which was also the primary theme of the transformative retreat: the butterflies. We visited the butterfly sanctuary at Piedra Herrada and had an experience that was just as beautiful and special as we’d expected.

Here’s a brief review of some of the highlights:

  • the moment when the sun came out from the clouds, as thousands of butterflies took flight from their roost. Thousands — everywhere!
  • cooking and feasting on sopes with a charming local family in Mexico City
  • climbing to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihacan, and looking out at the view, picturing the centuries and centuries of those who came before in the same stance
  • our daily group retreat time where lots of shifts came to the surface
  • making chalk doodles with local kids with a view of the lovely lake view
  • dancing in the gazebo of the main plaza in Valle de Bravo
  • floating along the Aztec-built canals of Xochimilco while being serenaded by mariachis
  • the horseback ride up Piedra Herrado
  • exploring, dining, connecting, frolicking, meditating, laughing… yesssss!


And here’s some photos!

Want to join a future retreat? Stay tuned!

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