Hey there!

It just so happens that I’m having a pretty groovy January.

Reason being, I’ve made a few changes that have helped me catapult into a more energized, healthier routine! This, after a few months at the end of last year where I *cough* let myself go.

Yep, admitting it I am. just a little. You see, I was just feeling off, frustrated about not reaching year-end business goals. Sad about some things in my personal life (grieving continued). And I fell into this rut where I wasn’t as active or productive as I wanted to be, yet stressed at my mounting task list. Plus this turned into less exercise than I generally ever do, and more unhealthy, rich foods. Resulting in feeling even worse!

But that’s where I was.

So here’s what I did to switch this around and get right on track to an AWESOME start to 2016.

  1. I started with a break. I let go. I allowed myself to unplug and relax for the last 10 days of December. A true family focused, relaxing, fun time, rather than trying to squeeze in odd work tasks here and there throughout the season.
  2. I launched into a self-health challenge where I eliminated sugar and alcohol from my diet. The sugar part was something I had resisted before, thinking it would be too hard with a sweet-tooth like mine. But…it wasn’t as hard as I thought, I hardly had cravings, and I felt good about keeping the challenge and tapping into my self-discipline more firmly.
  3. I took on a 14-day yoga challenge. This helped me get back in the practice of daily fitness, and yoga always makes me happy. It’s so energizing and invigorating, challenging my strength while easing my mind. It’s somewhat of a meditation for me, which is why avoiding this in December was not smart. Getting back to this made me feel amazing and eased my stress levels!


Doing these three things helped me reactivate my inner joyful self. Getting me back into healthier practices, trusting in my ability to achieve, and making me feel better about myself all around. This also allowed me to shift into more challenges to bring in even more joy. So much so that I’ve now joined the cast of a musical, I’ve easily and gracefully attracted four new fabulous clients, an ultra amazing support team, upcoming partnerships of awesomeness, and other incredible opportunities have popped up!

Need your own jumpstart?

I highly encourage you to step back, and then step up with some achievable challenges for yourself. You can do it! And see what ripple effect may come from this.

Keep me posted on what challenges you do! I’d love to cheer you on.

Over & out,



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