Race Day Results

Hey there adventurers!

A quick recap on last week’s VIP veggie race day outing.

We arrived at the county fair with rock star-style parking. Then we got straight into business with eating all the fair-style  splurge munchies our hearts desired. Then it was off to a pig race, hosted by a rather entertaining emcee in a cowboy hat. What stood out the most about him? He had a baby, no more than 3 months old, in a carrier over his belly — the whole time! And if you can imagine a pig race emcee, he was loud! With microphone and all, he roamed around the race track, but that baby was so fast asleep, nothing would’ve woke it.

Then it was cow milking time. What a treat! As someone who made it a goal in high school to milk a cow, it’s not an easy thing to find. With all dairies using machines, you  have to make a true effort to find someone who will joyfully offer their cow’s udders for hand milking. Sounds weird? Maybe. But whatever the case, we got a chance (and for me, chance #2) to milk, and with a combined effort of the four of us, we probably got at least a quarter cup of milk!

Next up, the long-awaited veggie races. The selection of vegetables was prime, with everything from squash blossoms to corn, eggplant, squash and miniature zucchini. We made two masterpiece derby racers and set off. The race was neck and neck, with the corn chassis just scraping ahead at the finish line.

What we didn’t expect was the bitter end. Those vegetables fly apart when they hit the ground! I suppose I wouldn’t trust a toothpick to hold a normal car together anyway. Lucky for us, a four-year-old delighted in the finish line success and ran off to add onto the cars to make them her own racing machines.

With a touch of farm animal visits, a buny beauty pageant, and way too many fried Oreos, we were off to call it a night at the county fair. A fun day out, and now on to the next adventure!



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