Custom-Tailored Solo Retreats to Focus on Being Your Very Best YOU

  • Do you regularly feel a lurking anxiety within yourself, and haven't been able to quiet your mind?
  • Are you working tirelessly, yet feel like you're getting nowhere with your goals in life?
  • Do you crave restful, intentional time for yourself, yet resist taking that time until you've somehow "earned it" - without a reasonable benchmark of what that looks like?  

Maybe all you really need is space. Time to yourself to reconnect and rejuvenate your spirit. 

Explore this tailored-for-you solo retreat program aimed to create new soul-nourishing habits, release tension, and help you feel more clarity, power, ease and flow in your life. 

Say Yes to a ReVIVE + ReBOOT Solo Retreat

This is for you if you...

  • have been through a really rough patch in your life. Maybe you're too frazzled by daily life to even make space to figure out what's not working in your life yet you know something is off. Or maybe you've just gotten through a divorce, the loss of a loved one, a work hardship, are facing infertility... any number of life's punches...
  • experienced such big changes you honestly aren't sure who you are or what you want anymore...
  •  feel anxious, stressed and are aching to break free...

and deeply desire a change of pace.

Resonate with any of these? Chances are your best self medicine is TIME. Time to yourself to rejuvenate, realign, and nurture your soul. Time away from your normal routine to focus on what matters most to you. 

Because if you don't face your life and address ways to get out of a challenge, how are you going to improve and step out of the place where you're stuck? 

Here's how it works

Experience whatever fits YOU best!

No retreat is one-size-fits-all 

Based on the outcome you want to get from your retreat (whether that may be time to to re-energize, grieve, win back self-confidence, recover from burnout, anything)


your unique style desires (trendy city, woods, beach, nature, etc),

you'll get the lodging, itinerary and playbook that's just right for you. 

outcome intention + unique style = your tailor-made unique retreat

The itinerary is designed to help you return with restored aliveness in your soul.

Why a personal retreat like this?

My name is Megan King, and I’m a certified life coach, international retreat leader, travel savvy advisor, and someone who has experienced the power that a retreat, done well, can create.  

I created this program to help women embark on their own beneficial soul-nourishing retreat.  

This service came together after experiencing loss myself, and feeling numb, miserable, dispirited, unsure of how to feel, and desperate to make a change. I looked into joining a group retreat, but everything I found was the wrong dates, wrong location, wrong focus... a number of factors that didn't work for me. I couldn't find a fit. 

So I created a plan to work on myself, alone, in my own way, and flew to Portland. I was concerned about being "too alone" with my thoughts, so I pulled in my coach skills to shape a plan for myself, with intentions, self-exploration practices and self-care activities to make the most of the time away. 

Soon after, a coaching client who knew my expertise in travel came to me with a desire to work through her anxiety, and asked if I could design her a solo retreat. It was a great success, and I've been shaping these retreats for others ever since. 

100% of my participants in this program have been raving, grateful fans of the service and have thanked me for helping them stay true to their personal callings to make space, get clarity, and refuel.

I would be honored to support you in creating a getaway that's truly suited to you. Your schedule, your budget, your wishes, your location, your personal empowering focus needs. All of that is covered. Done-for-you to make taking a retreat easy.

Picture this

You wake to a home-baked breakfast, served by a charming, super interesting innkeeper. You then head outside to say hi to some horses and take in the glorious mountain vistas. You inhale, savoring the warmth of the sun on your face, and EXHALE, feeling like an invisible set of weights have been lifted from your shoulders. "Yes," you think. "This is what I've been needing."

Or maybe this...

Imagine yourself curled up in exquisitely soft sheets on the pillowy bed of your chic hotel. The only effort you need to make is to sit up and feast on the room service breakfast that's been delivered. Once nourished, you head to the beach and stroll amidst the sea foam for some quiet pondering. Later, journaling and

then a kayak adventure.

Sound like something you want? Or, deep down, does it sound like something you NEED?

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Benefits of this solo retreat

When you sign up for the ReVIVE + ReBOOT solo retreat service, you'll be able to:

Maximize the benefits that a personal getaway creates

Get the expert coaching, clarity & accountability you need

Take much needed time away for yourself

Cut the time & frustration of planning

Here's How The Program Works

  • Based on your unique style, you're given the destination, lodging, dining options and activities that suit you to a "T." Without having to search around for this info yourself.

  • You'll have the opportunity to get crystal clear on the outcome you want to get from this personal retreat, and solid solutions to integrate its benefits back into your daily life.

  • While on your trip, finally relaxing and breathing easy, you'll have guidance to stay on track of your goals with a ReVIVE & ReBOOT playbook, customized just for you.

  • On your return to the "real world" you'll receive a one-on-one coaching to integrate the takeaways of your retreat back into daily life so you can continue to reap the benefits of why you went away in the first place.

What's included?

The invesment is priced at only $449, which gives you:

  • Two 45-minute pre-trip clarity coaching sessions + a 30-minute post-trip coaching session
    We zero in on your desired outcome, deep dive into what might be holding you back (not just on going on this retreat, but holding you back from living life more fully), and shape a strategy to make time and space for your ideal retreat. Then we follow up to take the insightful treasures you came away with and shape them into a manageable, measurable, easily doable method to integrate with your everyday life (a $600 value)
  • Customized travel itinerary based on your location, travel style, travel dates, interests, and ideas on activities that fuel you (includes where to stay, what to do, where to eat) (a $150 value)
  • Email support & accountabilty during retreat
  • Playbook of retreat activities for your personal growth and reflection (tailored specifically to your desired outcome for the retreat), and a check-in call to make sure all your playbook questions and travel needs are met (a $200 value)
  • Pre-coaching questionnaire to define your unique retreat style and help you dive into your deep wishes for what you really want to get out of this trip (a $50 value)
  • Travel know-how preparation for a smooth trip, plus a good chance I'll save you money, as I have with past clients who expected to pay much more for the retreat, only to be wowed by the deals I found along with cost-cutting tips
  • Happy customer guarantee (priceless)

Ready to answer the call? 

Allow yourself to: 

  • feel grounded in your own skin, with re-established confidence in yourself and your abilities to affect major change
  • feel more rested, calm, content and at peace with where you are in life
  • have a better sense of your heartfelt dreams and how to achieve them with ease
  • renewed awareness of how you’ve been sabotaging your happiness, and establish solutions to infuse more joy into your daily life
  • reconnect with your sense of adventure and inner boldness
  • improve your interactions with your loved ones by having more energy and contentment 
YES! I'm in.

What Others Are Saying

Before I signed up for Megan's program, I was dealing with the death of my husband. Although I've experienced the deaths of loved ones in the past, this one was decidedly more difficult for many reasons. With Megan's guidance and encouragement, I stepped off my carousel and went on a personal retreat. Conversations with Megan prior to and after my personal retreat provided a safe space for me to examine my feelings, question some of my thinking, and eventually allow the answers to come forth. What stood out to me most about this experience was Megan's coaching style. She is a skilled, gifted coach. She listens intently before offering kind, nonjudgmental, supportive feedback. I totally enjoyed the experience of working with Megan and highly recommend her to anyone considering a personal retreat

- Jacqueline V. Carter, Health Writer and Editor

"Before I worked with Megan, I knew I wanted to plan a personal retreat as 'something nice to do for myself' and to work through some stress I was dealing with. Megan's coaching helped me get really clear about what was motivating me to take the trip so I could set goals for what I wanted to accomplish with it and so we could work together to select an ideal location and activities (quiet farm house, heck yes!) I really appreciate that Megan held me accountable to follow through on my retreat instead of letting it drift into an "oh, nevermind" place. I am also grateful for Megan's enthusiasm and positivity which encouraged me to do things I may have otherwise been uncomfortable doing (like climbing up a tower for a beautiful view)!"

- Christy Batta, graphic designer at

Megan has such an expertise for adding more joy, adventure & travel in your life. Her encouragement to embrace out-of-the box adventures made my recent travels that much more exciting and fulfilling! And she helped me realize the value of taking much needed time away from my business and focus on the beneficial value of my time away. Megan - thanks for making my trip so memorable!".

- Regina D'Alessio, speaking + visibility coach at


When you purchase the program, you'll be given a detailed questionnaire to discover the best options for you, and the ones to avoid. Then when you schedule a coaching call with me, we'll dive even deeper into the best destinations and type of trips that will light you up. I have an extensive background in the travel industry and the coaching industry, creating this unique mix of know-how for finding the places you'll want, the activities you'd enjoy, and the clarity of soul yearnings that you need. I live for travel and finding the really unique, special experiences uniquely suited to your style and goals.

Absolutely. I'm a savvy researcher (plus world traveler and previous travel agent and event planner), so I keep my finger on the pulse of all kinds of tricks for finding the right destination and experiences for you, whether I've personally been to a place of not. As a nomad, chances are I have been near to where you are anyway.

Once you sign up for the program, you'll be given a detailed "perfect retreat for you" questionnaire to fill out. Once that's completed, we'll then schedule a pre-planning coaching call to ensure I'm clear on the best theme/location/activities/outcome are right for you. From there, I'll go away and return with a done-for-you retreat activity book and suggested travel itinerary. I do not make reservations, typically I hold you accountable for that part. But I am open to making reservations for a small extra fee. If all steps are completed promptly, you can have everything ready to go in less than two weeks.

These sessions are where we go deeper on the intention and clarity of your reboot time. We’ll create a tailored framework for how you can set yourself up for a successful, replenishing getaway. Plus we prepare you for mental roadblocks that may be keeping you stuck and frustrated. This is also where we dive into invisible habits and thoughts that may be sabotaging your ultimate self-healing.

Yes, the itinerary includes one destination, and an assortment of activity options to fill your retreat regardless of the length of your stay.

With this basic program, no. I make specific destination suggestions based on your unique travel style, and send you the booking site links with the best deals. This makes it easy for you to reserve from there, and keeps you accountable to taking the next step. If you'd prefer the compete done-for-you booking service, I can do this for an additional fee (varies depending on you type and length of trip). This could include everything from your from hotel or yurt, ferry reservation, massage appointment, restaurant booking, guided moonlight hike, etc..

Prior to itinerary planning, we'll discuss the places you might want to go, as well as the places that you don't want, so that I can find something that's just right for you. Providing you're open about this information, the destination pick should be a great fit, because it's based on what you share with me, and I put my skills to work in finding you the right match.

Anyone who is in need of the extra space to get away and collect their thoughts, reconnect with their soul's calling, and wants to do so in a structured format, yet on a solo, self-care mission.

I customize travel for all budget ranges. I know many savvy money-saving travel hacks and can factor this into the process, plus advise you on additional steps to help you get the best value for money while on your own.

Are you ready to sign up while I’m offering this limited-time pricing of $449?  

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Your inner self that's craving attention and realignment will thank you 

Can't decide if this is right for you? 

No problem! Let's chat to see if this is a great fit. You'll come away with clarity around the best type of retreat for you. Even if that's free advice on other retreats out there better suited to your needs.

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