Snow Day Adventures

What to do when a snowy day urges you to stay home…

I love a good snow day here and there. An excuse for unlimited hot cocoa…a time when everyone gets cozy with a book or baking, or other indoor activity…a time to bundle up and take a troll in the soft powder. All good!

But I’ve hit a point where this whole snow thing just feels never ending! And my natural inclination to get out and be active on the weekends has been halted with recent weather. For example, I had plans with my hubby to go on a harbor cruise the other week, and then go to a maple tapping lesson. All so exciting! But because of lots of snow, both were canceled. The maple event was rescheduled for the following weekend, but due to a full day of freezing rain, it was once again canceled.


(An artsy shot from the freezing rain)

And in that time, we were left with limited options of how to rearrange our activities. So instead we opted for cozy days and evenings in. But here I am AGAIN on a full out snow day. Granted, I didn’t have big plans outdoors today…but I am getting cabin fever! I want to get out. I want to go for a jog in the fresh air, not a wide legged stroll through white flakes.

Alas. whatever I say about it, IMG_7747snow happens. We can’t fight it with a blow torch, we can only accept and enjoy it. After all, it’s mother nature’s telling us to get creative on ways to enjoy a snow day. To slow down from our busy lives, get cozy and relaxed and/or head outside and play.

So here are three things I recommend for you to do on a snow day, even if you’ve had more snow days than you prefer lately.

1. Eat

I’ve done a mix of eating during these cold months. But two of the most recent, most rewarding feats I’ve had is making bread and making snow cones. The bread, because there’s nothing like kneading the dough and sticking it in the warm oven as I watch the snow outside and fill the air with yummy smells. And the snow cones to make use of the pile of fresh, white, untouched snow that falls right on my balcony.

2. Play

It might still be snowing, it might be chilly, but just put on lots of layers and head outside! It’s important you get some fresh air, and even a winter walk will get you a nice workout (on the buns, no less) to keep you active on a day where the pace is slowed. Whatever your age, with or without a kid, throw a snowball, make a snowman, go 11025993_10101325652723306_4538213583527845932_nsledding, whatever, just do something. My friend/colleague Nicole and I turned our recent business meeting into a bonus sledding adventure. Now that is what I call a successful work meeting!

3. Hang out 

Whether you’re in the city or country, it’s a grand excuse to gather together with family and/or friends to spend quality time together. Have a games night, make hot toddies, mingle and laugh. Movie watching is also a good option, but if that’s your default, then try to come up with another activity that’s more interactive.

All in all, have a super enjoyable time, no matter where you are and no matter what the weather. Make the most of the season you’re in! So that’s a reminder to myself to say, yes! Bring on more snow!!


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