Stand on Your Own Feet

One thing I loved when I was little was being carried by others. Why walk when I could get my mom or dad to carry me? Piggy back, front carry, didn’t matter. I relished the ride and was blissfully content being escorted.

Thing is, I clearly remember the age, around 4, when I wanted to be carried like usual, yet my legs disagreed. Minutes after being picked up, my legs noticeably ached, longing to be walked. To stand on their own and be exercised long before I had a sense of what exercise was all about.

At the time, it frustrated me so much. Why can’t I just be carried like usual? Enjoy the view or take a nap on dad’s shoulder until we arrive somewhere? But eventually I’d get too uncomfortable and ask to be put down. As soon as I started walking, my leg muscles felt fine again. 

Fast forward to now, in my full adulting era.

My legs get achy a lot if I don’t take them out for a spin, running or biking. I’m very aware or my fitness and how much happier my whole body feels when I do a variety of workouts. I wouldn’t say I have restless legs – I just have legs that know their strength and want to be used.

So on a jog the other day, I was somehow reminded of those moments as a youngster. Desiring the easy ride, yet knowing in my legs and in my mind, that I needed to be put down, exercise my muscles and walk my own path.

Then I thought, is anything else in my life an example of this? Am I hoping to be carried when really, the only solution is that I stand on my own two feet and plow full speed ahead with my own muscular system at full use? 

It’s not just physical. This has to do with everything.

Am I hoping others give me guidance rather than going inward to decipher what works best for me? Am I seeking permission from others to take a stance? Am I waiting for someone to swoop in with opportunities instead of creating them myself?

Leaning even more into this, how could I be using my voice louder than I’m currently using it? When do I boldly express more vulnerabilities and open up about my personal story and journey? How can I take all of my being to the next level to better serve and connect with the people I’m meant to serve and connect with? 

So many ways to explore this!

It’s important that we keep asking ourselves this question: Where am I being carried, taking it easy, yet am feeling a discomfort in this playing it safe?

Where can I lean in to  stand in my own power? When do I make choices based on what’s others have done before rather than walking the walk that’s unique to me?

How does this resonate with you?

Is there an area of your life where you know you could be standing fuller in your power? Stronger in your ideals? Clearer in your convictions? Louder in your voicing?

My assumption, based on self-reflection, observation, working with lots of clients, and having multiple deep conversations on this topic is YES. Likely there’s something.

So here’s what I propose…

Let’s make an informal pact to stand higher in our power. Firmer in our voice. More unapologetic in being fully, completely, authentically, loudly, ourselves. Being open-minded and open to trusted advisors and mentors, sure. But being truly true to ourselves, our values, and what we stand for. And walking forward.

You in?

If you want to take the next step in making a pact to stand in your power, awesome! Let’s connect and share that you’re ready to stand in a greater power as yourself.

Email me at and I’ll include you in a free accountability check-in at a later date.



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