“Before Megan, my life felt like a mess! Having quit my job, the future seemed very uncertain. I was looking for a solution but I didn’t know where to start. I felt increasingly isolated and had a hard time relating to many of my professionally successful friends. Megan did her magic: she opened up new doors and initiated an exploration journey that helped me gain new clarity I so desperately needed. She is simply amazing! Her relentless optimism and coaching skills inspired me to reconnect with the “real” me and embark on the path of a more balanced and fulfilling life. I am so grateful for the impact she had in my life and would highly recommend her services to anyone!”

– Magali Devic, Washington DC


“I connected with Megan when I was overwhelmed with so many changes happening in my life and I felt like I have let go of the reins to my own life/future. I was just observing my life go by and everything I built unravel in front of me. I basically retired and was no longer an active ingredient in the creation of my world. I had ideas but couldn’t find the rhythm to step back in control. As I was searching for solutions through my confusion, and working with Megan brought everything into clarity for me.

Through a series of questions and explorations with her I was able to feel my power and ability to smoothly get my life back in my own hands. I am now embarking on a new adventure and I’m filled with ideas and excitement to shape my world as I please. I want to thank Megan from the bottom of my heart for her divine timing and inspiration. Megan is a great listener and such a positive breath of fresh air, I recommend her services to anyone that feels stuck and uninspired in their life.” 

– Jamila AlSarheed, San Francisco, CA


“Today I decided to explore some new trails for a trail run. I was delighted to discover a vast expanse of trails I’ve never been on before. It was snowing heavily so it wasn’t long before I lost my bearings and the snow covered my footprints of where I had been. I got completely disoriented, with a mishmash of trails extending for miles in every direction and no reference points to find my way. Just then I remembered Megan’s enthusiasm and her advice to ” have fun getting lost.” So I tuned into my inner compass, kept exploring, and gradually found my way back to a familiar trail.

That experience of getting lost and trusting myself to finding my way back is what I love about the Adventure Club. The ability to tune into my own guidance and know exactly what to do and where to go, is also what I needed, to navigate some new territory in my business right now.

I’m so thankful for the Adventure Club adventures that help me remember to bring a spirit of Adventure to any challenge I face!

– Anne Rose Hart, Adventure Club member, Idaho

“Absolutely amazing! Megan is a quick, deep thinker. I had a lot of changes to go through this year. She helped me get organized and “eat the frog.” I absolutely recommend coaching with Megan. Fabulous.”

-Louise Lang


Day Outings and Events:

The tour was wonderful! Megan brings her fun, spirited attitude that makes you want to skip around. She comes prepared with things you didn’t know you would love so much (like chilled, scented water spritzers to keep us cool), and also adds her bubbly attitude, and desire for all to have a great time.” 

– Rebecca U.


“ Very nice. Megan does a great job of facilitating interaction among the participants.”

-Gary S.


“Superlative!” A top notch group! I so enjoyed our romp thru the museums, and am especially appreciative to Megan for gathering us and making sure we remembered what a magnificent city we have.

-Joyce W.


“Megan is super friendly and fun and very motivated. I highly recommend her events for those looking for some adventure. ”

-Viral D.


“ Great active fun and creativity! ”



“ Wonderful! Looking forward to more hikes and other various outings! ”

-Kurt W.


“ Fun and light-hearted, just what I need after a long week:-)) ”

-Jill N.


“ So great – looking forward to the next one! And finger painting afterwards was entertaining!”

-Allison R.


“I had a great time! Looking forward to upcoming events.”



“I’d like to give a shout out to our fearless leader Megan Tyson King. She created an amazing “travel guide” for my vacation which included things to do, restaurant recommendations and more. Her encouragement to embrace unexpected adventures made the trip that much more exciting! Megan – thanks for making my trip so memorable!”