The NYC Food Report

What’s new and good in New York?

If you ask me, most of the highlights are food related. I’m a self-proclaimed “non” foodie because I’m not always going to notice if my guacamole is short on cilantro or my steak is overdone. For many foods, I take it as it comes and acknowledge chefs like to change things up. I know what’s tasty and what’s not, but I still can’t tell you if I should pair my duck with a malbec rather than a sauvignon.

So now that you have my background, here’s how my mind thinks. My food memory is better than any of my senses a lot of the time. For example, I can tell you that a trip to Gettysberg two years ago included a chicken pot pie, and I realized Pennsylvania pot pies have nothing to do with pie. It looks more like stroganoff with wide egg noodles and no pastry.

I can also tell you about the mom and pop restaurant we found while lost in the middle of Crete. It was this incredible moussaka that reminded me so much of lasagna, which is m favorite food.

IMG_3912So back to my story. New York is a place for eating. That’s nothing new. People come up there just to dine at the world famous restaurants brimming with Michelin stars, Zagat ratings, and Gordon Ramsay approved flavors.

But I ignored all of these. I’m a solo traveler on the go and spent most of my meals in quick foodo stops. Meaning, I went to the incredible places like Pie Face and Café Bene, that may not be for refined tastes, but are something I totally approved of.

Three Food Places to Try in New York

Waffles from Café Bene

I’ve had Belgium waffles for desert before, topped with some fruity somethin’ somethin’ and smothered in whipped cream. It’s delightful! But I’ve just found a whole new definition of the dessert waffle. At Café Bene, you can get a waffle to go with decadent flavors like this: red velvet, strawberry icing topped, chocolate dipped in chocolat, chite chocolate and walnuts and more.

Meat Pie from Pie Face


I get really excited when I see any kind of pie shop. That’s just me. But this one is impressive because it’s the combo of meat pies, fruit pies and cream pies, all in miniature form. Even better, it’s open 24-hours, just along the Times Square strip. So far, my fave is the vegetarian. It’s like a lentil curry of some sort, and it. is. so. darn. tasty.

Any Dog from Japadog

You can’t go wrong with a late night hot dog – so how about a dog and sushi cross? No raw fish here, but options for seaweed, rice, and everything oh so nice. It’s more for the late night drinker crew, but I’m sure a lunchtime fix would do the job, too.


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