Stop the world, I wanna get on!

There is a lot more to me than there is to me! Stop the world, I wanna get on! – Leo Bloom

I love Mel Brooks, and all the cheesy jokes and classic movie quotes that he’s known for. As a kid, I was much more familiar with Space Balls than I was of Star Wars, and saw Young Frankenstein before I saw the original Frankenstein.

In the quote above, this is from The Producers, a fun-loving musical comedy about a crooked Broadway producer named Max Bialystock. His accountant, Leo Bloom, is a character that’s incredibly insecure and lives his life in a limited world of caution, safety and fear. Never taking a challenge or making a bold move. But he’s inspired by Max because his personal dream is to be a real Broadway Producer.

As deceptive and rule bending as Max may have been in his business, he had a knack as a motivational speaker who struck a note with Leo. A moment to live more fully, a moment to chase his dreams! A moment to finally say, “Hey world! There’s so much more to me than my safe, limited life that I’ve plodded along in. I’m a human being with so much to offer! I want the ride of my life while in this world!”

The Producers

Max Bialystock in action, awakening Leo Bloom’s drive to go after his dreams

This is what I love about Leo Bloom’s quote. There’s more to all of us than what anyone else initially sees. We’re all complex, intriguing, special, unique human beings. So remind yourself of this thought: “There’s more to me than there is to me!” Don’t hold back on who you are. You have a mission, a dream, a message, a life to be lived fully.

Of course I don’t define living fully as using crooked business practices like in the movie (that’s just madness, don’t do that). But take the words from that quote above.

Think of how you’re holding back in any way. Are you ignoring your dreams? Putting off the things you want to say, the activities you want to try, the adventures you want to take, the beautiful things you want to see with your own eyes? This isn’t a selfish desire – by you living your dreams, you inspire others. You connect with others, you give back to others (often that’s literally the dream, like building houses for poor families in Peru, creating a nonprofit to save rhinos in the wild, funding research to cure a disease). Start today to step in the direction of your dream list. Make a decision to enjoy the ride, not to cower in the corner.

Hop on to this spinning world!


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