Things I Love About Travel

Why do I love travel so much?

Let me countthy ways

Here’s a few reasons…

  • the different ways people say things
  • the time to reflect, to try, to taste, to explore, to connect, to greet, to feel more alive
  • an enhanced appreciation for others’ cultures & an enhanced appreciation of my own
  • the flight, to an extent, it can be relaxing and pampering or fun & conversational
  • connecting and reconnecting
  • the different feel of the air, different humidity, different winds, different smells
  • traditions
  • old architecture
  • new ideas
  • food
  • facing things that test my comfort zone
  • using the local language
  • playing charades to communicate
  • smiling at strangers
  • doing things solo
  • doing things with others
  • having my own private driver and co-planner (for the trips I take with my husband)
  • passport stamps
  • my youngest of dreams coming true (traveling and exploring the world!)
  • checking off places all over the globe
  • sharing stories with fellow travel lovers
  • playing cards at hostels
  • incredible vistas
  • sampling new hobbies
  • photography
  • misadventures (but only well after!), and laughing in reflection
  • the trips that didn’t seem that amazing at the time, but became amazing on reflection
  • the people
  • the wildlife
  • the wilderness
  • life, in full, at my fingertips
  • lifelong friends
  • fleeting friends
  • the conversations
  • languages & phraseology
  • unity across borders
  • absorbing local culture
  • the search for the authentic
  • dancing
  • music
  • beaches
  • people
  • active activities
  • hotel styles
  • the weather, when perfect, when temperamental
  • sunsets
  • sunrises
  • fresh air
  • heart-felt moments
  • stargazing
  • clouds
  • eagerness to start each day
  • getting lost then finding something amazing from the unplanned detour
  • history at my fingertips

And a few specific-to-location highlights 

  • Turkish baths & bazaars
  • Italian lemon groves
  • New Zealand bubbling mud pits
  • Icelandic waterfalls
  • puffins
  • hippos
  • all things Kruger
  • Zimbabwe volunteering with kids
  • Hawaiian hula
  • English cream teas
  • Mexican cenotes
  • Australian Outback sunsets
  • and on and on and on…


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