Just a fun thing I’d love to share! Something I’m very excited about (in my pursuit of joy-making activities and stretching my comfort zone)….

Okay, and if you don’t want to watch the full episode, here’s a quick sum…

In my own self challenge of being adventurous, I auditioned for a musical. I’d been wanting to do this, but I had a few blocks. One being the time commitment, making it difficult to travel – even on weekends (rehearsals are every Saturday afternoon so my beloved weekends away would have to take a halt). Other one being that though I’ve been on the stage in various forms, in theater, dancing, and singing, I’ve never done the grand trio! I’ve never been in a musical, and a lot of my stage time, I haven’t done since high school.

But my ultimate goal was to go out and audition, and to do it well! To sing out loud and proud, saying “take that” to my past self who sang so quietly the last time I auditioned for a musical that it was the only production during my high school time that I wasn’t cast.

Another barrier that got in the way? I lost my voice! I caught a cold the weekend of the audition, and between this and practicing, I didn’t have much voice as of the afternoon auditions.

But you know what? I did it! I went out, gave it my all, and…. I got the part!

Now I’ll be performing with the Bethesda Little Theatre on April 1.

So excited for my newest adventure!


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