Wanna feel more energized?

If you…

Are feeling sluggish

and in need of a healthier way to feel more morning energy

Love a good dance party

but aren’t one to do it without a little motivation (or without a g&t)

Want to join an energizing group

of other souls who wish to add more SPRING in their step

Desire more connection and joy

so connecting into a morning dance party just might do the trick!”

Then join me for a festive get-your-mojo-into-action celebration!

Introducing the Up Up 5-Day Morning Dance Party!

For 5 days in a row, you’ll join me every morning to get the day started with a dance fest!

You’ll have a recording, so you can dance whenever you get a chance on that day. Each day you’ll get a new email with a morning intention, theme, and video dance party recording to greet your day. 

And after that, you’ll have a full collection of Dance Days to tune in and dance any time you want a pick-me-up.

That way, you can let loose and let a little bit of fun into your day.

Here’s how this works:

Each morning, you’ll get an email with your daily dance party video and a morning intention. This includes a touch of meditation so you can feel more centered before we start moving.

Then we’ll step into dance party mojo mode! Here, we’ll focus on letting loose, feeling the music, and getting a little workout in as bonus (up to you just how much workout you want to do with your dance moves!).

If you’re ready to hop into this event, the dance fest and affirmations power-up is just $12.

(That’s just a little bit of pocket change contribution to help motivate you to commit to this new morning routine.)

So how about instead of the stiff morning rat race with nothing to fuel you but a goblet of caffeine in hand, you can self-energize by cutting it up on the dance floor with me! (And in the comfort of your own home!)

Now, are you ready to spring into more natural energy, make your muscles happy with more movement, and add a little joy to your morning?

Then join the 5-Day Dance Party today!