Vision Board Recap

My gratitude goes out to everyone who came to the Vision Board workshop last week! We had such a blast that everyone ended up staying an extra hour to build on their vision boards and chat about their juiciest visions!

Some attendees were surprised with what Aha! moments came out while making their boards. Certain things came out that didn’t align with current lifestyle choices they were making, prompting a shift in energy and focus to stay true to their goals.

That’s one reason vision boards have such power. They remind us of our true desires, and creating them helps us to take a look at our current lives and pinpoint what we need more of, and what we need to cut out of our lives.

It’s these revelations that really inspire me and fuel me to create similar workshops. I love working with fabulous people with big visions!

If you’d like to be informed of my next vision board workshop, get in touch by email at and I’ll add you to my event update list.

Party on, big vision dudes and dudettes!

vision board attendees


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