Who is Welcome at Your Table?

When you think about who’s welcome at your dinner table? How many people do you include?

Just your family? Some neighbors? Friends?

I believe that if we all came together to gather for a big tasty feast, everyone from incredibly different backgrounds, sharing the collective immersion of tastes and flavors as we dine – that the world would be a better place.


What I mean is, what if we took away all worry, all judgments, all conditioned labels of one another, and just sat down to dinner. Not a fancy, formal dinner. Just a quality kitchen table kind of feast. And chatted. And laughed. And shared fun stories. And opened up about what really drives us, about getting to know each other’s true passions?

What if we worked to collaborate and listen? Really listen to one another. And find those shared comforts. Those shared desires. Those shared pursuits of the heart.

You have the choice to believe we live in a supportive world or a treacherous world.

Choose supportive.

Times are challenging. The news is depressing and tragic and ridiculous and scary. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is to hold onto the good. To know we all contribute to the collective whole, and the more we create peace in thoughts and deeds, the better for all. Know that when you harness your power within to be thoughtful and loving, magic happens. An  open heart is a beautiful thing.

Do you agree?


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