Who’s the hero in your personal adventure tale?

Who’s the hero in your personal adventure tale?

Is it you?

If you answered anyone but yourself… WHY? Let’s talk this through.

Yes, it’s healthy to have role models and mentors and guides. Yes, you can see them as heroes in your life. BUT, when it comes to your own personal journey, your own human experience, your own way that you’re growing and expanding to live your fullest life, it’s important to put yourself first as the hero in your epic tale.

To do so, it’s important to remember that:

#1  You are courageous. No matter what phase you’re in with your life and however much you’re comparing yourself to others whom you deem more courageous. You, yes you, are one courageous cat.

#2  You dictate your epic tale. Sure there’s other forces at work, but you call the shots on how you show up, how you translate what happens in your life, how to react, and whether you energetically align with letting your greatest dreams unfold.

It’s not always easy…

You may be in a place where you just don’t feel as adventurous as you’d like. I get that. Tough times, loss, breakups, failure, rejection, big career changes… they can spur the desire to hide under a blanket or keep yourself plopped on a couch.

That’s been true for me. I’ve had my days, and weeks, when I just wasn’t up for taking on the brave world actions I wanted to. Sometimes it was grieving that held me back. Other times, self doubt. Or worry that I couldn’t let me life get that good (this is a crazy one to reflect on… and a more common challenge than you think!).

But if you’re willing to step on the jetway and realign with your joyful adventurous spirit, then that’s wonderful!  It starts with a simple step of getting in the practice of taking daily adventures. You can join my free community of adventurers to do just that.

Let Your Adventurous Spirit Play!

The world wants to see you share your greatest talents. The more we step in, as a whole, as caring, bold, action-taking leaders of our lives, doing what we love, and sharing our gifts, the better for society as a whole.

One way I do my little part is leading retreats for those who are in a major transition or a rut, and are looking for a cultural, nature-loving, community building transformational experience where they rejuvenate their soul’s purpose.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to get on the email list for future retreats I have coming up (I’m pregnant at the moment, so I don’t have one on the calendar currently… but more are coming, as well as online versions – so sign up for announcements!)

Many, many thanks. And always remember – embrace your adventurous side!


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